What is self-efficacy and why does it matter?

How do you approach life challenges? Whenever you face a challenging situation whether you think that you will go through it successfully or do you get overwhelmed and feel like a failure? If you think that you will perform pretty well even in difficult times, then you possess a strong belief called self-efficacy. 

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Do you know why do you procrastinate?

Procrastination is an act of delaying and postponing tasks/assignments at hand despite knowing its ill effects. Apparently, it seems quite satisfactory to procrastinate however, the       results thereof, are relatively atrocious. According to a study 95 percent of people are involved in procrastination to some extent. Procrastination is often confused with laziness but they are different things altogether. Laziness indicates inactiveness, reluctance to do or perform tasks.  Procrastination is an act of putting off or postponing important tasks for less important ones; and preferring pleasurable and easy tasks over hard but important tasks. It’s a blend of multiple psychological issues.

Do you know why do you procrastinate - TDN Blog

Why a focused mind is important in life?

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How many times did it happen to you that you planned to carry out an important task and got distracted by a notification from a social media app? It happens every day because in this fast-paced technology-filled world it’s harder than ever to focus because a lot of things are there to distract us. Let’s name some digital distractions that distract most of us every day: Our favorite celebrity is… Read More »Why a focused mind is important in life?

Why a focused mind is important in life - TDN Blog

Why resilience is an important life skill & how you can build it?

Before finally building one of the most successful car companies of the world, Henry Ford confronted multiple failures; went bankrupt five times.

After being diagnosed with a stage IV cancer (epithelioid hemangioendothelioma) affecting her liver and lungs, Kris Carr did not let her disease overwhelm her; instead she deployed her devastating experience to help others by sharing her battle story in the form of a series of books and documentaries; and eventually emerged as a well-known expert on healthy living.

Why resilience is an important life skill & how you can build it - TDN Blog

7 tips to deal with creative envy

Have you ever found yourself staring at a painting in an art gallery and coveted I would have done it OR heard an impressive musical composition and desired you would have composed it OR read a piece of literary work and wondered how author was able to write such an outstanding narration?

Yes, we all endure this emotional pain called ‘creativity envy’ – we find ourselves consumed with others’ success.

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Extrasensory Perception: Sensing with mind

About three in four Americans believe they possess some form of paranormal ability, most popular of which is ESP (Extrasensory Perception) that accounts for 41% of all paranormal beliefs. Are you part of the 75% of Americans with some level of extra sensory perception? Have you ever been able to seemingly predict that something was going to happen in the future? If not, surely there will be someone else around… Read More »Extrasensory Perception: Sensing with mind

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