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Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the does will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever

Jobs experienced the world just as everyone else, through our five basic senses and by unknowingly practicing the fundamental Laws of Reality where EVERYTHING operates in accordance with a process in the execution of creativity, that process is:

Neuro Creative Programming (NCP)

NCP is the process by which, through “Active Imagination”, our conscious and subconscious minds come together and where the two parts produce a result greater than the individual minds alone can produce. This is how we leverage our individual sensory inputs to create and align our experiences with available opportunities.

I'll help you to identify your approach so you can:

Ideas come from the sum-total of our experiences – Let’s Talk!

For every action, there is a rule. The fact that we may not know the rules does not escape the existence of a rule.

People identify inputs into all of our ideas through a series of steps.

Once you identify your process, you’ll be able to execute them consciously.

Follow the rules and generate more and more significant ideas.

Enjoy 100% Confidential Discussions

Our focus doesn’t solely rest on your ideas by themselves. Rather, how you can effectively bring them to life; that’s only if you believe it’s possible.

Our work together will be truly transformative: both in the tangible and intangible reality

Understand The Value In My Expertise

I have been an innovator for over 35 years. Through the ups and downs of marriage, births, divorce, and soaring unemployment rates, I gained the life experience of knowing exactly how it felt to lack the resources needed to bring my projects to fruition.

My job is to teach Innovators how to progress viable ideas even if they’ve been abandoned many times before. I help the ideator change the way by which they view the delivery and completion.

I’d like to think I exude the same characteristics as the famous Marcus Aurelius.

I learned how to adapt and convert seemingly insurmountable challenges into the important virtue of patience by transforming my mindset.

“More Near Than Before”

Those 4 little words moved me from panicking nights of self-doubt, frustration, and fear, to being able to easily work multiple ideas at the same time: each one possessing the potential of producing tremendous success for all of my efforts.

These were the moments where I stopped sacrificing the relationship with my family and started gaining control over my quality of life.

Cemeteries Are Filled With Dreams Never To Be

Preachers often say that cemeteries are the richest places in the world because they are filled with ideas of what could have been. Often, we give up on our ideation because we don’t have a path. We feel the obstacles are too high.

Remove the Barriers. Execute Your Vision

By removing the compression of time, we eliminate the stress of what must be and move to the patience of dealing with the situation as we find it. This helps us adapt and constantly maximize the opportunities that present themselves. You can achieve what you believe if you understand that each day and each action pushes you “More Near Than Before.”

Ideation In Flight

One can easily manage multiple ideas and bring them to fruition by understanding how to ideate during each stage of the innovative journey towards the desired outcome. When you leverage your 5 basic senses to “Ideate in Motion” , the challenges experienced lead towards the solution.

Ideation In Scale

“One cannot connect the dots by looking forward. You have to look backward.” ~ Steve Jobs
I have over 30 years of experience in ideating concepts to scale. While working with clients of true vision and drive, I help them realize their true mission - and you could be next. I will teach you how to look backward and once understood, limitless scale will emerge, a sense of empowerment will grow, and calm will ultimately overcome.

I Want To Make My Ideas a Reality, But I Have a Few Questions First

You’ve Got Questions. I’’ve Got Answers.

  • Why should I work with Think Different Nation?
    • Firstly, your ideas remain as your ideas, 1,000%. Our goal is to not be the problem you need to solve such as “how do I get the money to pay for this groundbreaking opportunity” or “how much of my idea will I lose control over” because this program is both affordable and completely about you achieving the success in delivering your projects. We simply assist you in working more strategically and effectively, with less stress and a greater assurance of success. This removes the mindset that typically defeats us when we are faced with obstacles because I’ll teach you how to see that obstacle as the solution to the problem and in doing so, the path becomes more clear and achievable. You will quickly know that “You can do this”.
    • Secondly, I only work with ideas that have “Scale Potential”; Concepts that enrich the lives of the ideator and or society as a whole. Far too often are we introducing products whose sole purpose of design, is to be used for 6 months to a year, only to be discarded into a landfill for the period of eternity. That’s not our space and for this reason, we are very selective with the ideators we work with because 100% of our effort goes towards empowering a move toward building ideas that have grand consequences from the standpoint of its societal impact. Therefore, if selected, I’ll help you to ideate in scale from both an impact and opportunity standpoint.   
  • How can I be sure that my idea is protected?
    • I have always believed that the ideas of a true innovator are very difficult to steal, especially in their early stages because only the person who conceived the idea, has the reference points necessary to envision its evolution into the ground break solution being ideated. You have the pieces to the puzzle and they are yours alone. I will help you to both collect more pieces and fit them where appropriate, to build that game-changing solution. I never work on an idea, only above the surface where I can leverage my observational vantage point experiences, to assist you in connecting more pieces that make up the sum total.
    • Your information, ideas, vision, while it may have been communicated, will remain protected and completely yours.  
  • What’s the difference between TDN and an Incubator?
    • With TDN, we are not investment angels, venture capitalists, or Start-Up Incubators/ Accelerators. My program is solely about ideation and assisting you in moving the project yourself, through to your selected end goal. While my guidance will additionally include suggestions and advice on the “What to do” and “How to do it” questions that will exist, my sweet spot is in assisting you in breaking any seemingly insurmountable project or task, into smaller workable “Outcomes” that when combined, constitute the delivery of those ideas you once may have abandoned earlier in life. In considering the race between the turtle and the Hare, we’ll teach you how to be the turtle, and you’ll learn how to move through each idea with patience, perseverance, stamina, and the knowledge that you are always “More near than before”.
  • What value do I receive from your services?

    My total goal and objective with TDN is to bring constructive and beneficial innovation to life. The richest places in the world are cemeteries. This is because they are filled with ideas and innovations that will never be realized because the person was not able to bring their ideas to fruition. Cures to disease, ideas to solve the world’s energy challenges, solutions to global warming have undoubtedly died with their ideator simply because that person wasn’t, for whatever reason, able to deliver it. As Albert Einstein once stated, “we cannot solve the world’s problems with the same thinking we used to create them” and while those ideas may not have been the singular solution to the problems we face, innovation consists of many varied ideas sourced from any number of experiences. TDN seeks to assist you in connecting more pieces and adding more value and references points, to keep  

  • If we partner up on Ideation, who owns my ideas?
    • You do. You bring the ideas, and I’ll provide you with the tools necessary to collect and connect the pieces.
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