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OUR ideas come from the sum-total of our experiences

Unlock Your Creativity and Transform Your Life with Think Different Nation. Learn the process of creativity and unleash your innovative potential through Neuro Creative Programming.



Are you one of the 50% of all people who consider themselves as not being creative?


The truth is that it is impossible not to be creative. You just don’t know the process of creativity and the questions truly creative people ask of themselves.

Nero Creative Programming (NCP) will teach you both the questions to ask and the ways to make your observations even more impactful. NCP is a psychological methodology that examines how we perceive ALL INFORMATION through our five senses of seeing, hearing, smell, tasting and touching, and arrive at an understanding of our experiences. We use this data - information as the raw materials from which all of our ideas will emerge.

About Tye Glover

Think Different Nation’s Founder and President Tye Glover has used NCP to develop an exclusive methodology that enables a person who is naturally inclined to “be curious” to harness the specific understandings they have been gathering through their life journey.
An individual’s personal understanding is then stored as a series of reference points that can be accessed at any time -- and from this storage bank is where innovation rises.

Tyrone Glover - Creative Programming - Creativity

Tye asserts that for “every action, there is a rule. The fact that we may not know the rules does not negate the existence of a rule”.
All ideas originate from a series of steps grounded in sensory inputs obtained from life experience.
Tye refers to these inputs “dots”, and the accumulation of dots facilitates their connection when we pose the right questions about minimizing a problem or maximize an opportunity.

Follow the rules to generate deeper and more significant ideas.

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Think Different Nation’s coaching program helps you to identify your Personal Process Approach, so you can:

Through the application of Neuro Creative Programming (NCP) and the process of “Active Imagination”, the conscious and subconscious minds come together, wherein the two parts are able to create a result greater than the individual minds alone can produce. This is how individual sensory inputs are leveraged to create and align an individual’s past experiences with available opportunities.

ideator  noun

i·​di·​a·​tor | \ ī-ˈdē-ə-ˌā-tər

One who ideates; one who holds or generates an idea or synthesizes a concept.



Our focus doesn’t solely rely on your ideas alone; instead, it centers on how you can effectively bring them to life.

This is only achievable if you believe it’s possible.

Learn how to use the principles of Neuro Creative Programming to transition from a lack of creative vision to a future you design based on where you feel destined to be.

Working with Think Different Nation will guide you in:

Personalized coaching sessions will not only streamline the ideation process, but will also remove the pain of delivering an idea that fulfills your vision of what you’ve always known could be through the use of our exclusive Ideation Control Tower®

Innovation Control Tower - ICT - Destined - Think Different Nation - Creative Programming - Creativity

Tye Glover’s invention, the Ideation Control Tower® and concurrent methodology, supports the development of ideas through all stages of the ideation process from the initial “Aha Moment” through delivery by providing a framework that will assist you in asking the right questions to identify the correct answer. The Ideation Control Tower® will help you unpack life-changing ideas and ultimately guide you towards setting them free.

Tye will teach you how to look backward and once understood, limitless scale will emerge.

Working with Tye one-on-one will be truly transformative in both the tangible and intangible reality as he will:

Steve Jobs - NCP - Destined - Think Different Nation

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the does dots will somehow connect in your future."

- Steve Jobs

Book your free consultation with Think Different Nation today to learn how Tye can guide you in the process of using NCP to evolve mentally and harness everything that is within you!

About Me

Tye Glover boasts a 35-year track record as an innovator, dedicating 30 years to conceptualizing and scaling ideas. Through the challenges of marriage, births, divorce, and periods of high unemployment, Tye has acquired invaluable life experiences, particularly understanding the struggle of lacking resources to bring projects to fruition.

Over time, he mastered the art of adapting and turning seemingly insurmountable challenges into the essential virtue of patience by transforming his mindset. With honed skills, Tye now shares his knowledge globally, using Neuro Creative Programming to guide people seeking to become more innovative in advancing viable ideas, even those previously abandoned.

Tye’s personal learning style and habits mirror those of the renowned Marcus Aurelius. He employs these innate skills to assist ideators in completely transforming their perspectives on delivering and completing ideas.

Tyrone Glover

Tye Glover

“More Near Than Before”
These 4 words moved me from panicking nights of self-doubt, frustration, and fear to being able to easily work multiple ideas at the same time, with each one possessing the potential of producing tremendous success for all of my efforts. This life-changing transformation was when I stopped sacrificing the relationship with my family and started gaining control over my quality of life.