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Does CBD boost creativity? What does neuroscientific research say?

Businesses and individuals are looking for ways to be more creative in this fast-paced, technology filled world. They are looking for new ideas to survive in this competitive world. Individuals and businesses are interested in developing new ideas or refining old ones.

Here they are using various tools for brainstorming and idea collection. There are Idea collection resources and idea-collection bins in every organization, and many rely on technology-based idea-collection tools like ICT. For new ideas to come, creativity is necessary. So people and businesses are always searching for ways to be more creative. In other words, people are looking for ways to enhance their creativity daily.
But improving your creativity is a complex procedure. It requires a lot of time and effort to enhance your creativity. In this highly competitive world, does it make sense to wait to be more creative over time or slowly work on your or your subordinate’s creativity or creative thinking skills? Or is it possible for any business entity to survive in this fast-paced world without coming up with new and creative ideas?

People are searching for ways that may suddenly make them more creative and bring about creative moments. What might be the available options? One option that is getting popular nowadays is enhancing creativity using mind-altering substances, also called enhancing creativity using substances or boosting one’s creativity by using drugs.

So what are the famous drugs that are considered to enhance your creativity? Cannabis/Marijuana are thought to enhance your creative or creative thinking skills, and they react suddenly. And taking the appropriate level of their doses may make you feel suddenly more creative.

Neuroscientific basis: Although creativity is a subjective matter that can’t be measured, this can only be evaluated. Scientists have defined many ways to analyze creativity. The most common way to judge creativity is as a solution to a problem, called divergent thinking.

Clinical psychologist Schafer Grami highlighted many ways by which the relationship between creativity and cannabis is not still clear. She recognized that it can always bring effects that help the subject correlate two things in different and unique ways. In other words, the subject can connect or make a relationship between two things he would have never related. Or makes different connections and unique combinations, and this is what creativity is all about.
There are two types of Thinking patterns: convergent thinking and divergent thinking.Convergent thinking is something straightforward that doesn’t require some subjectiveapproach and where there is only one answer to a question or solution to a problem.Divergent thinking is when we look for a solution to a problem, and the solution is often unknown. Cannabis boosts our divergent thinking patterns. It may help us bring some creative movement or Eureka moment, and when we can make totally different connections, the connections that no one has made before; we try to connect things in different ways. Cannabis boosts creativity by changing the way we think. It does this by changing the level of dopamine hormone. Dopamine plays a role in regulating motor function, mood, and decision-making. Marijuana surges the dopamine in the brain and acts as a mood enhancer, and we feel so good. Marijuana enters the blood through the digestive system and lungs and penetrates through the blood-brain barrier.

It begins latching onto the abundant CB1 receptors in the brain, leading to increased dopamine levels, enhanced neuronal activity, and euphoria. The people who are already creative and consider themselves creative don’t benefit significantly from using THC. But those who don’t consider them relatively creative benefit more from THC usage. As psychologist Gráinne Schafer mentioned, research shows that people who don’t think they’re creative benefit pretty dramatically from cannabis, but creative ones don’t get the same boost. Schafer experimented with the two groups, low creativity, and high creativity group. The one with low creativity reported enhanced creativity level with one-week usage. In contrast, participants of the highly creative group did not report any change in their creativity level after a week’s usage.

This discussion does not imply we are advocating cannabis use in the workplace. But the intention is positive: There must be a safe, reliable way for people struggling with creativity to benefit from legal substances like cannabis.

High doses of CBD (more than 0.3 percent THC) may bring about hazardous effects and diminish one’s level of creativity. But recommended doses under a professional’s supervision may positively impact one’s creative thinking skills. Professional help and guidelines are necessary to ensure the appropriate strains or varieties of CBD and their appropriate quantity is being used.

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