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Need to change the way you think? Try THC

Cannabis is the one plant that could be used to spur the development of civilization because everything necessary for a structured society could be found in just that one plant: rope, fabric, food, energy for fire, and medicine that can be applied to any number of conditions.

In this BBC link entitled “How-to-rewire-your-brain-and-tame-your-dark-memories” neither cannabis nor psilocybin (the active component of magic mushrooms) isn’t mentioned, more and more scientist understands the power of these psychotropic drugs to be very powerful tools to assist in that rewiring process to in lessening the impact of potentially traumatic past events through a process known as neuro placidity. But while this speaks to their therapeutic effect on softening the impact of trauma, the upside of cannabis and its ability to pave the way towards highly effective ideation sessions is only now scientifically becoming known.

Scientists are now making major leaps in understanding the important role cannabis plays in our psychological health due to the large concentration of cannabinoid receptors housed in a region of the brain (hippocampus, midline cortical structures, and some frontal cortex structures) that appears to hook up into new configurations and start to fire.

Scientists believe that this firing is important for processing emotional memories and in controlling the reconciliation of those memories to thus lessen their impact.

The way they believe that it works is that TCH impacts the CB1 receptors that exist as part of our endocannabinoid system. In doing so it strengthens the connections between neurons where attention is placed through the act of thinking and lessens the neural connections that receive less attention. e.g. the more attention we place on what we don’t want, the more we strengthen those less desired thoughts and emotions. The more you give attention to what you desire, the more your neuro connections develop to enhance the light surrounding what you see within that positive ideation.

But there’s more because cannabis can not only enhance the ability to strengthen one’s desired neuro connections but when a person is high, this effect also has the amazing ability to seemingly slow the form or function of our observation, into incremental steps that make it possible to understand exactly what just happened and this is the first step towards being able to take note of an operation or process being performed.

But wait, there’s more to the special capabilities that are enabled through the smoking of THC. Not only can you train yourself to be better at observing the detail of your experiences but our brains also have the Default Mode Network (DMN) which is a network, or rather a set of instantly connected regions that remain spontaneously active during passive moments. Philip Farber, Neuro Linguistics Programming professional and author of High Magic: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual & Mysticism, describes the DMN more specifically as being responsible for creating our reality”. He suggests that these networked regions don’t just enable the recall of short and long-term memories for the incorporation into new ideas but they also enable the process of executive functions and fantastical ideas. It does this by combining what we’ve previously experienced (our memories) with what we can imagine (our fantasies) while at the same time, managing the activities normally reserved for Executive Functions (EF) such as that task we normally perform when performing math or logical reasoning problems.

In any normal situation, our brain isolates the activities of the EF from the activities that take place during the daydream like the trans-derivational searches we perform through our experience where we scan our mind for memories that provide explanations for what just happened. With cannabis, however, our thoughts are liberated and when combined with focused ideation, not only are you lessening the neuro connections between those negative experiences but you are hyper-accelerating the growth of neuro-pathways that can take you further in the direction of where you are trying to go. 

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