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Experiences Are The Building Blocks of CREATIVITY!

Where will your ideas take you?

What is the ICT?

  • The Innovation Control Tower is THE FIRST technology platform designed to place you in control of scaled thinking. With experiences being the source of all ideas, when you learn how to capture them, you can control the direction and where you choose to take Ideation.
  • UNDERSTAND the process and you can transmute those Ideas into Innovation.

Why you need it?

  • You capture your ideas in notebooks, voice recordings, and drawings on sketchpads strewn around the home; just don’t cut it anymore; the Innovation Control Tower will give you the needed to capture those ideas and THINK BIGGER.
  • You receive your experiences through your five basic senses and capture the understandings in whatever medium available and wherever they reveal themselves. The problem is that you can only take advantage of less than 5% of those experiences. 
  • You lose all the rest to the ages – connections go unrecognized, and critical observations remain unseen. The Innovation Control Tower places control of capturing those observations directly in your hands and empowers the collection no matter where you go.

How does it work?

  • Experiences form the foundation of all ideas. The Innovation Control Tower (ICT) is a downloadable app available on iOS and Android. It enables the collection, organization, and storage directly within a web-enabled task board. 
  • You organize your experiences into categories (Flights) around appropriate groupings (Cabins) available for later reference – days, weeks, months, even years into the future  – as Reference Points.
  • Memories, thoughts, the foundation of ideas need a catalyst to emerge. The ICT keeps them just keystrokes away, available for continuous reflection and consideration into the next big idea.

ICT Membership Plans

Choose a plan to accelerate your journey.

Future Innovators

$ 0.99 /Month
  • Long journey pricing
  • Categorize ideas
  • Capture observations

You're Destined

$ 14.99 /Month
  • Prompted action plans
  • Set your own pace
  • Deliver Big Ideas

Innovation In Motion*

  • Customizable plans
  • Enterprise Accounts
  • White labeling options
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