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Are you struggling to find purpose and fulfillment in the modern world? Humans are inventive and highly capable beings — but these days, more people than ever feel like they’re struggling to live up to their true potential. We’re offering a way to unlock the power of your imagination and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Connect the Dots to Find Your Path 

Steve Jobs famously said, “You can only connect the dots looking backward, so you have to trust that they will connect in your future.” But while many believe that vague notions such as “destiny” and “karma” will help them to make those connections, an increasing amount of people are seeking a more tangible way to achieve their goals. And that’s where our creative retreat comes in.

Connect the dots - Think Different Nation

“The two most important days in a MAN’s life are the day he’s born and the day he discovers why.”

Mark Twain

Identifying your “WHY”? - Retreats - Think Different Nation

…Meet Like-Minded People in the Heart of Washington, D.C.

If you identify with this search for purpose — and want to take real, proactive steps towards fulfillment — we’d like to invite you to join us on our two-day retreat in Washington, D.C. Sharing a space with like-minded individuals, you’ll learn different ways to tap into your true potential and explore the limitless possibilities hidden within your subconscious mind.

Based at the historic Firehouse #4 in the heart of Washington’s bohemian downtown district, this transformative retreat invites truth-seekers and soul-searchers to gather together for a sensory exploration of creativity. The program draws on ancient knowledge as well as cutting-edge psychological techniques, to teach you how to unlock new pathways and gain a new perspective on the world.

September 15th 2023

On the weekend of September 15th, 2023, participants will be invited to:

  • Explore neuro creative programming, an innovative technique derived from neuro linguistic programming
  • Enjoy cannabis-infused meals designed to boost creative potential
  • Learn how ancient knowledge lost for centuries can help us to navigate the modern world
  • Experience a holistic approach to creativity and hone skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives

Why Choose a Creative Juices Retreat?

Eat, sleep, work, repeat…

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Perhaps you’re in a job that  fails to challenge you — and you know you have so much more to offer. You could be finding the daily grind is just not aligned with your soul’s purpose, but you have no idea what that is, or how to unlock it. If you’re ready for the next stage in your journey but need a little help finding the right direction, our urban retreat could be just the thing to set you on the path to becoming your true self.

Over the course of two days, we’ll use the scientifically-approved methodology of neuro linguistic programming to explore and expand your creative processes, learning tools that will shift your perspective for good. But we’ll also look deep into the past, rediscovering long-lost knowledge and learning how ancient secrets can help you manifest the future that you desire.

Why Choose a Creative Juices Retreat - Think Different Nation

What Will I Get Out of a Creative Juices Retreat?

Although our creative retreat is just two days long, it contains enough material to permanently alter your outlook on creativity and life itself. We like to think that our program equips you with a brand new set of psychological and spiritual keys, leaving you with the right tools to unlock whatever doors you might encounter on your path forwards.

By the end of our carefully curated retreat, we’re confident that you’ll leave feeling inspired and invigorated, ready to apply what you’ve learned across all aspects of your life. So if you want to switch things up, meet new people, learn fresh life skills, and boost your artistic capabilities into the stratosphere, our program has the potential to change your path.

Our Retreat Venue in Washington, D.C.

As one of America’s most liberal cities, Washington, D.C. began to embrace the creative powers of cannabis many years ago — which makes it the perfect setting for our urban retreat.

Located in the heart of the bustling downtown district, Firehouse #4 was once home to the city’s first fully African-American fire company. Now, this 19th-century mansion serves as a bespoke venue combining modern conveniences with old-world charm.

While the building typically accommodates 14 people, our Creative Juices Retreat is limited to just seven participants.

Why? Because we want to ensure that everyone involved gets the most out of our program. The space is flexible, offering plenty of opportunities for break-out groups, private one-on-one discussions, and room for quiet contemplation — including a stunning rooftop terrace. Accommodation is available in both single or double rooms, with the option to share with a participant of the same gender.

Although smoking is not permitted inside the venue, participants are free to enjoy their cannabis vapes throughout the property.

Our Retreat Venue in Washington, D.C. - Creative Juices Retreat - Think Different Nation

What Role Does Cannabis Play in a Creative Juices Retreat?

Your creative mind is certainly under there somewhere — but it can get buried and masked by all those non-creative things we have to do in life (the repetitive chores, the same boring commute each day, the mindless conversations with work colleagues…).

How about if we told you you could unlock it with cannabis?

Our transformative retreat utilizes cannabis — which can be legally purchased in Washington, D.C. — for its mind-expanding properties, teaching participants how to use the herb to access the most inventive parts of their brain. Perhaps you’re a recreational cannabis user who’s curious about its potential to shift your perspective, and have already experienced some benefits of this sort through your consumption of this substance.


Participants will be presented with two cannabis vape cartridges, packed with strains specially selected for their ability to boost creative intention. You’ll be free to smoke these at leisure throughout the retreat. Additionally, the program features cannabis-infused fine dining, combining gourmet omnivore and vegetarian meals with expertly-balanced strains for a truly holistic experience.

The Gift

  • This retreat is designed to create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind and there is no greater pathway to that end then the combination of Creative Juices’ Neural Creative Programming (NCP) methodology presented within this Retreat, combined with a meticulously selected strain of cannabis. Chosen for its natural chemical combinations, and based on over 5,000 survey ratings of users seeking the greatest creative encounter possible…
  • Within the initial hours of the retreat you will receive a combination of 2* of my Creative Juices strains designed to be the most effective blend for stimulating the mind and producing creative ideation. It is both my gift to you and will mark the introduction of this weekend of creative exploration.
Gifts - Retreats - Think Different Nation

What’s Included:

Our creative retreat represents fantastic value for money, delivering a life-changing experience with incredible people in beautiful surroundings. Each package includes:

  • 30-minute ‘Clarity Call’ with the retreat host to help you prepare for the experience
  • Accommodation in either a single- or double-occupancy room within our historic venue
  • Access to a two-day program of exercises, workshops, and presentations designed to unlock your hidden potential
  • One-on-one time with host Tye Glover, the innovator behind neuro creative programming
  • All meals and snacks throughout the weekend
  • A cannabis-infused omnivore or vegetarian gourmet dinner designed to enhance your experience
  • Two cannabis vape cartridges containing strains specially selected to enhance creativity
  • Lifetime membership to Think Different Nation’s Innovation Control Tower, a tool for enabling creative collaboration in the weeks and months following your retreat

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from the retreat center

The Bonuses!

Just to level set and prepare you for the journey, you’ll also receive:

  • lifetime membership* access to Think Different Nation’s Innovation Control Tower, my proprietary solution designed for capturing experiences and making them readily available for inputs into your ideas even years into the future.
  • For seekers of clarity – schedule a clarity Call – 30 minutes of 1:1 time with men so I can get to know you personally and prepare you for the adventure.
  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-workshop and talk about how you can best prepare your mindset for the process of Active Imagination!

Who’s Involved?

This urban retreat is the brainchild of host Tye Glover, a lifelong seeker who has spent years studying innovators such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Nikola Tesla, getting to the root of their ideas and their industry-disrupting solutions. Drawing on his knowledge of neuro linguistic programming, Tye has developed neuro creative programming — an innovative approach to unlocking the hidden genius within all of us.

Now Tye has imagined a new type of spiritual retreat, gathering a small number of participants in the heart of Washington, D.C. to share his knowledge of both ancient and modern techniques for creative growth. By combining this approach with the use of cannabis as a sacred tool, participants will learn how to unlock new doors of possibility and take control of their lives.

The retreat will also feature a cannabis-infused fine dining menu developed by Jazmine Moore, owner of the popular catering company Green Panther Chef. An expert in balancing cannabinoids and selecting the right strains for an optimum experience, Jazmine specializes in entrees for both omnivorous and vegetarian diets. Sample dishes might include seared rib-eye steak with cannabis butter, or gnocchi with baby spinach, pine nuts and a cannabis-infused brown butter sauce.

Tye Glover - Instructor - Retreats - Think Different Nation

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