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If the stories and myths of antiquity speak to you in un-familiar but personal ways as if possessing a vague thread to the clarity of your purpose, then you are a Seeker and this retreat will assist you in better understanding your path to your Certainty of Purpose and the understanding of your WHY.

Do you know your Certainty of Purpose?  

"If you are a Seeker wanting to know the unique qualities that make you creative and how to Think Differently, then join me for this extraordinary retreat, where the threads of truth from myths and wives' tales of the past will come alive and align to empower you to live your greatest purpose."

“The two most important days in a MAN’s life are the day he’s born and the day he discovers why.”

Mark Twain

…Imagine being able to finally identify your “WHY”?

We typically can only experience the world through the use of our 5+ senses and our pre-programmed responses. Your natural tendencies towards your visual emphasis (the things that catch your eye), interest in textures we identify when we touch, the specific sounds, tones, and harmonies we gravitate toward, are just some of the sensory inputs that make you, the INDIVIDUAL YOU.

They constitute the inputs to your “Instinctive Advantage”

This multi-sensory workshop has been designed to teach you how to combine the pieces of your experiences with just the right series of questions all while framed by Universal Laws that have existed since the deepest parts of antiquity.

The result is a transcendent experience that will expand your ideas of what is possible while centering all who attend on a path of progress and change toward manifesting your WHY.

So tell me, is this you?

  • Do you feel stuck in your position in life, unable to move  forward, and unsure of how to detach yourself from a life that you see as purposeless?
  • Do you feel like you’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME and unable to truly realize your life’s purpose?
  • Do you believe that if you could identify your “WHY” that you’d be able to fully Catapult Your Life Forward?
  • Do you feel challenged and fearful that your life will end without you having ever made a significant impact… or rather in the words of Steve Jobs’, “without ever making a “Dent in The Universe”?
  • Have You Previously Used Marijuana for relaxation and hanging with friends but you now want to find a productive way to use it as a tool to assist in finding your creative direction and in opening your mind to new, more visionary, and impactful solutions?
  • Have you had exposure to Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) in the past and you would like to learn how to make the methodology more relevant to your specific needs?

If you answered Yes to 2 or more questions, then

  • …that’s also exactly why you must attend the Creative Juices Immersive Retreat in the beautiful capital city of Washington, DC.
  • It’s a 2-day sensory exploration that uses the methodology of NLP to explore the key and individually creative processes we follow when we operate at our best.
  • You will learn of the power of a Myth, a Legend, and a Wives Tale, where a great deal of truth has been lost to the sands of time, leaving just the threads of a story that still reigns true and still impacts our being even thousands of years later.
  • This carefully curated program examines the Secret* Ancient Universal Principles we abide by when we perform the mechanical and meta-physical processes of creative expression.
  • Upon the Retreats’ completion, you’ll be able to open more doors with your newfound keys and more effectively make sense of your “WHY”…
  • And you’ll feel inspired by your newfound vision and ability to be able to make more distanced connections across wider expanses of experiences.

What Else Will You Get?

You will take a 2-day journey, exploration, and discovery of the Ancient Rules and Ideas that govern how we EXPERIENCE while meeting new friends and enjoying some Great Bud. Consider this…

→  What if Marijuana was able to help you to identify more raw ingredients of an incredible idea by simply helping you to more effectively unpack your past observations? 

→ Think about being able to direct your imagination towards expanding and aligning your conscious thoughts with your subconscious observations.

→  And what if you were also able to meet and network with similarly motivated and innovative minds who are also learning to Think Differently?

Is that worth a weekend trip to DC?

Washington, DC….

You will be staying in the Shaw neighborhood, one of the most weed-friendly places in the US, and one of DC’s most hip, slick, and cool areas, “The Firehouse.” Built-in 1884 and fully renovated in 2017, it’s just the right environment for a great weekend with new friends.

Before the retreat, we’ll connect through our private Facebook Group just to outline the weekend’s agenda. But in addition, our goal is to make this an incredible awareness for you, so if you have any questions, please feel free to set up an introduction 30-minute zoom Q&A so you can see if this retreat truly speaks to your journey.

On Friday, when you arrive, I will frame out the weekend’s amazing activities as we get comfortable in the space and our fellow Seekers on the weekend’s journey, including:

  • Exercises that will challenge your assumptions.
  • Training briefs presenting the 7 key Universal Rules and how we can leverage them to Think Differently
  • The introduction of NLP as a segway into Neural Creative Programming (NCP) and how to take advantage of this technique to live more deeply and retain more dots.

Throughout the remaining hours of the weekend, we’ll explore numerous ways of leveraging Cannabis to Think Differently and to develop your understanding of your Multiple Intelligences and how you can best identify and leverage your Instinctive Advantage to increase your capabilities across the board 10-fold.

The new paradigm of Thinking is here. 

Are you ready to be a part of it?

The Venue…

Washington, DC….

While the Washington DC Weed scene has been around for more than 7 years, it’s still in its infancy from the standpoint of how DC is planning on embracing Cannabis and its Power to Unit.

On the weekend of May 26, you will become part of that Union…

And Seekers within the Creative Juices event will be uniting at “Firehouse #4” on R street, the first fully African American fire company in America, and while we won’t be spending time enjoying the city on this retreat, you’ll be happy to know that we will be staying in what is reported, the hippest, slick, and cool areas in DC and it’s ours for the weekend. While cannabis flower is not permitted to be burned inside the residence, you’ll feel liberated being able to vape cannabis inside the home even as you work through identifying your certainty of purpose.

The space

Firehouse #4 will be the perfect location for this retreat as we burn our proverbial “trees” and as the laughs move from perhaps controlled chuckles to belly laughter as the group’s energies mix and harmonize to create and sustain a totally relaxed and elevated weekend.

While the home can accommodate up to 14 people, we’ve chosen to accept just 7 Seekers into this premier Creative Juices event with no room housing more than 2 people. And while we accept all Seekers, we’ve arranged the registration to qualify your gender so we can be sure to place you in a room (if you choose double occupancy with someone of your gender at birth). Any questions, please feel free to schedule some time so we can answer them to your satisfaction. 

The Accommodations

We have reserved an incredible space that offers enormous potential for break-out sessions, one–on–one discussions, and time to find your own space whether that be upstairs on the rooftop deck or any of the other private spaces in the specular place. From a rooming standpoint, we have prepared 3 options that will hopefully speak to your specific comfort requirements:

Stay with us at Fire House #4:

  • Single Occupancy:
  • We have two ways to accommodate you at Fire House #4, including several single rooms with a queen-sized bed. There are 2 single rooms available.
  • Double Occupancy:
  • We additionally have two double occupancy rooms with both a single queen-sized bed and a single twin-sized bed that can accommodate two guests.

 Local Hotel Stay:

         Single Occupancy:

We would like for everyone who attends the Creative Juices Retreat to be completely comfortable with their environment and accommodations, and for this reason, if you would prefer an area hotel for overnights, we have reserved one room for overflow and to ensure the comfort of our guests*.

* Note: Ground transportation will be provided between the hotel and Fire House # for those who choose this option.

This retreat is limited to 7 participants!

The Cuisine…

If you are new to cannabis-infused dining, you will find it to be a multi-sensory experience because it presents an amazing way to enjoy an evening with new friends… since it assist you in both releasing your inhibitions and mind, while feasting on a delight that prepared to truly make you smile, relax, and often times just laugh your ass off

Your goal should be to ENJOY and FEEL the energy within the room as your sense of smell and taste become attuned to the different competing flavors.

That’s why I have hired a top cannabis chef

 and owner of Green Panther Chef Jazmine Moore, Medicinal Cannabis Educator, and patient.

I’ve specifically selected chef Moore because while anyone can take cannabis oil and add it to an entre, she understands the unique balance of cannabinoids combined with just the correct strain selections necessary over the entire course of the evening to enlighten your mind in thought and conversation,

Whether you are a carnivore seeking the thrill of a Seared Rib Eye Steak served “Herb Butter”, or seeking a bit of the Maryland favorite of Maryland Lump Crab Cake w/ Roasted Vegetables & Old Bay Butter Sauce or you are a vegetarian who is more interested in Gnocchi with Fresh Baby Spinach & Pine nuts in Brown Butter Sauce, we will have both the entre and appetizers that will speak to your stomach’s dream and minds comfort.   

Note: Entre selections have not been finalized and may change.

The Origins of an Idea

Have you ever had an idea, based solely on another idea or from something else in which you became aware?

Now imagine the number and scale of accumulated ideas the Egyptians would have conceived with over the course of 3,500 years of concentrated and layered ideation centered on perhaps: the movements of the planets; the transcendence into the After Life; among other focus areas.

Now imagine those discoveries and advancements DISSAPEARING, potentially never to be conceived again.

Think it is impossible? 

The recipe for concrete was conceived and perfected by the Romans in 200 BCE and used to build everything from deep water bridges to their iconic domes and apartment buildings, but was lost for a thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD.

That recipe wasn’t rediscovered until the 14th century, by Benedictine Monks, as they tirelessly tore through every ancient manuscript and scroll they could find hidden within the bowels of distant monasteries since Rome’s fall.

There is an Ancient Hermetic Axiom that states “Nothing comes from Nothing but from Something comes Something Sub-Similar”. The recipe for concrete includes both the ingredients and  processes for its preparation. The absence of any of the aforementioned, means concrete could not be recreated i.e. everything is built upon a prior level of understanding.

What Transformational Connections are you missing out on by overlooking the ingredients or potentially not understanding the process?

The Gift

  • This retreat is designed to create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind and there is no greater pathway to that end then the combination of Creative Juices’ Neural Creative Programming (NCP) methodology presented within this Retreat, combined with a meticulously selected strain of cannabis. Chosen for its natural chemical combinations, and based on over 5,000 survey ratings of users seeking the greatest creative encounter possible…
  • Within the initial hours of the retreat you will receive a combination of 2* of my Creative Juices strains designed to be the most effective blend for stimulating the mind and producing creative ideation. It is both my gift to you and will mark the introduction of this weekend of creative exploration.

What’s Included:

  • Two of our finest Creative Juices cannabis vape cartridges specifically selected for their special properties aligned with creative ideation.
  • A gourmet prepared, cannabis infused dinner along with snacks, breakfast and dinner throughout the weekend.
  • Car transfers from the hotel to Firehouse #4 for those who choose off site accommodations.

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation by taxi to and from the airport on your arrival and departure into DC.

The Bonuses!

Just to level set and prepare you for the journey, you’ll also receive:

  • lifetime membership* access to Think Different Nation’s Innovation Control Tower, my proprietary solution designed for capturing experiences and making them readily available for inputs into your ideas even years into the future.
  • For seekers of clarity – schedule a clarity Call – 30 minutes of 1:1 time with men so I can get to know you personally and prepare you for the adventure.
  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-workshop and talk about how you can best prepare your mindset for the process of Active Imagination!

The Journey

This journey is NOT for you if…

  • You are content with your Sacred Cows having free roam over the direction of your life.
  • You are not a Seeker, in search of a greater connection to the universe.
  • You feel the past is in the past and it has no impact on your future.
  • You are not interested in leveraging the scared powers of cannabis
  • You want the events that impact you, to continue to “unfold to determine the course of your life” without being checked.
  • You don’t believe the small can impact the large.
  • You aren’t willing to relax, inquire, laugh, or possibly, cry but definitely puff, puff and pass*.

This is a weekend event beginning on the evening of Friday, May 26th, and ending Sunday mid-morning. We have a full day of activities for each day right up through to Sunday, just prior to the closure of the weekend’s program.

Day 1

Opening Remarks

I will set the stage for the course of events and what Seekers can expect during each day.


Because Seekers will be arriving during the evening of the start of the event, our goal is to make sure that everyone is relaxed and comfortable as well as prepare for the events of the weekend. It is for this reason that on Friday, we will enjoy a cannabis-infused dining experience from both a relaxation and learning standpoint. You will be able to experience the differences between 2 different strains of cannabis over the course of the dining experience. During this time, you will also learn how to select the right strain of cannabis that aligns best with the experience you are trying to create.

Cannabis Presentation*

Receive your exclusively selected combination of 2 strains of cannabis hand chosen for their ability to elicit creative ideation. *Presented to Seekers interested in the cannabis aspects of the Creative Juices program.

Story Time:

During this time, I will lay the foundation premises of understanding for the rest of the weekend. I’ll talk about the Ancient Principles lost for over 1,000 years and their relevance in understanding how we move through what we experience from the standpoint of our five basic senses. I will introduce you to the mechanical aspects of how we experience as it relates to Neuro Linguistics Programming, e.g., the process of observing. We will also discuss our significant experiences and how they have led to where you are today. We’ll see where we go next. We’ll close the evening formally around 10:00 PM to support an early morning start.

Day 2

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks and set expectations for the day, which will include a journey into both the mechanical and metaphysical aspects of how we experience what we experience.


I will provide an overview of the Seven Ancient Principles and our alignment with this reality. We will also discuss the process of focused attention and how our minds enter into particular brain wave patterns when we focus with extreme attention on an outcome.

Scale Your Ideas

I will provide an introduction to the process of world-building, a process that science fiction writers have carried out since the beginning of their genre. This mental process aligns what we seek to create with the visionary process manifestation. During this time, you will develop a strong understanding of how one can free their mind to create a world of possibilities that have been thus far unimaginable.

Day 3

Opening Remarks

On this, the last day of the program, we will discuss how to take your learnings to the next level at home and beyond. This will include a weekend recap, a series of world-building exercises, and the next steps to support your evolution toward thinking differently.

Next steps

Event Closure

Your Hosts!

Tye Glover

My name is Tye Glover, and my retreats are all about teaching people how to “Think Differently.” If you are familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a methodology that assists people in changing their thoughts and behaviors to achieve desired outcomes, then I would like to introduce you to an equally powerful methodology that taps into the same 5+ basic senses as NLP but with a completely different outcome in mind. I call this methodology Neuro Creative Programming and with its comprehension, practitioners are able to create bigger and more visionary ideas by opening themselves to experience more deeply and consciously acknowledging those experiences.
As an Alchemist, Mystic, Entrepreneur, and the innovative mind behind multiple concepts of scale, I’ve spent my entire life studying how innovators such Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Nicolas Tesla identified the ideas that would later become their industry disrupting solutions. Within that study, I’ve also identified the 3 key steps we all execute when we identify our ideas including :

  1. Active Observance: The processes we follow when we take in our experiences and capture the raw ingredients of an idea.
  2. Experimental Curiosity: The way by which we identify either a challenge or an opportunity that ignites a process of questioning.
  3. Connective Assemblance: The way we recall memories, select from our experiences and assemble those selections into new ideas. 

The discovery is what I call Neural Creative Programming (NCP), a methodology that focuses on the way we unconsciously select key inputs of an experience and use them as raw ingredients for our ideas.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a series of esoteric rules from the deepest parts of antiquity that I made the momentous connection that ties all of the pieces together. Known for thousands of years as the Hermetic Principles, the contemplation of these 7 basic rules, combined with the sacred cannabis plant, will unlock new doors of possibility. It’s as if the awareness acted to create cracks in the walls that typically block our greater awareness. It was also at that time that I learned by simply applying those teachings as an overarching rule to NCP (the way we identify our ideas), I could gather directed insights into new possibilities that step far outside of the box from which we usually experience.

During my Creative Juices Retreat, I introduce Seekers to NCP and the Rules of Reality, and together, we venture down the rabbit hole to see how deep it goes. Whether you are seeking your sense of purpose, looking to discover new ways to use marijuana to think differently, or wanting to build a more grand idea of your WHY, if you are a seeker, this retreat is for you.

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