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Does CBD boost creativity? What does neuroscientific research say?

Businesses and individuals are looking for ways to be more creative in this fast-paced, technology filled world. They are looking for new ideas to survive in this competitive world. Individuals and businesses are interested in developing new ideas or refining old ones. Here they are using various tools for brainstorming and idea collection. There are Idea collection resources and idea-collection bins in every organization, and many rely on technology-based idea-collection… Read More »Does CBD boost creativity? What does neuroscientific research say?

Top 5 celebrities famous for their CBD usage - Think Different Nation

Top 5 celebrities famous for their CBD usage

Cannabis usage enhances your focus, and you suddenly feel more focused, concentrated, and relaxed. You can make those connections that are new and innovative, i.e., you start connecting and making relationships between the things you knew before in new and unique ways. Yes, it enables you to make new connections from your old knowledge.

Does CBD Boost Creativity? - Think Different Nation

Does CBD boost creativity?

What comes to mind when we think of creativity – ‘an extraordinary piece of art, a scientific invention, a masterwork of literature, Or an awe-inspiring piece of music? Creativity is much more than what is reflected in a canvas painting; in the pages of a book; in scientific discovery, or over the keys of a piano. All creative individuals are not necessarily artists, inventors, or scientists. Professionals from other fields… Read More »Does CBD boost creativity?

How does creativity originate - Think Different Nation

How does creativity originate?

Do you know creativity is a skill that can be nurtured, or like many people out there you still believe that it is a mysterious process only possessed by very special people? Many people are curious about the origins of that creative spark that is the base of a creative piece of work.  But whenever they are asked about the origin or the source of creativity, the most probable answer… Read More »How does creativity originate?

How to advance your Ideation journey - Ideate every day - Think Different Nation

How to advance your Ideation journey?

In today’s fast-paced technology-filled world, every individual must strive to advance his or her ideation journey as it is inevitable to  come up with new ideas, refine your old ideas and transform them to something big.