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COVID-19: Best opportunity to pivot, utilize this ample time

Chaos is a Ladder that you must climb. What are your instincts telling you? As we progress through what is our modern plague, it’s important to remember that this is as much a part of life as is surviving through it…. And you will. You’ve isolated yourself, and are using proper technics for hygiene i.e. hand washing, avoiding touching your face, mouth, etc. You’re remaining calm and centered You know… Read More »COVID-19: Best opportunity to pivot, utilize this ample time

Think Different Nation Podcast by Tye Glover

TDN Podcast Episode 0 – Why Use Your Instinctive Advantage?

Take a journey through the timeline of existence with Tye as he delves into the special sauce that makes you unique. Starting 13.7 million years ago, to the present day, you will experience a road trip from New York to Key West that ends with a killer elevator pitch.

A road trip isn’t a road trip without somebody talking about evolution and existentialism, this trip has all of that and more.