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Do you know what you are naturally inclined to do?

Imagine doing something for such a long period of time that the act itself, the steps you follow and even the ideas you consider while doing it, become hard coded in your DNA. Every move you make becomes part of who you are and as you consider the obstacles in front of you for that day, the week or the month’s to follow, all of those considerations and actions build upon each other, making you that much better and more masterful over time.

Now imagine that these learned experiences, proclivities, abilities to process the things you learn, are transferred down to your sons and then to their sons and so on for 4 to 5 generations because you all worked in the same trade.

This was the case during the building of Paris France’s acclaimed Notre Dame whose construction began in the 12th Do you know what you are naturally inclined to do?Century and ended sometime during the 14th, taking approximately 182 years to ultimately complete. That’s somewhere in the area of 4 generations of fathers and sons.

There is clear evidence to support a belief that trauma can be transferred down through the generations in various and oftentimes undetectable ways as captured in the March 26th, 2019 BBC article entitled “Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the generations?” In that article the researchers investigated how events in someone’s lifetime can change the way their DNA is expressed, and how that change can be passed on to the next generation.” But if this is potentially applicable to scenarios involving trauma than why would it not be apply additionally to the monotony of life’s repeating experiences of the mind body and soul which all culminated in this instance, in the creation of one of the greatest wonders of the world? Notre Dame.

Scientist have long believed that the sexes are different with women having larger pre-frontal cortexes which is believed to be why they retain memories so well. It’s also believed that the female species in performing the task of gatherer for over millions of years, gained special advantages from a visual processing standpoint, with women ultimately being more adept at processing near information (gathering) while men being more well adapted at far distance information processing, calculating distance and other variables necessary to identify and assess the prey ahead of them and the strategies of the hunt.  We’ve all experienced shopping with someone from the opposite sex where women typically don’t have pre-paths while men know exactly what we want and hunt for it taking the most direct route. Women are gathering and having to choose the best selections while men are hunting for a set target.

It’s hard wired within us.

Putting that aside, now let’s advance some 800 years to 2020 and let me introduce you to Romanieo Golphin Jr., a 10 year old example of one’s true ability to tap into their instinctive advantage. What is Instinctive Advantage? It’s those tendencies, inclinations and proclivities that are imprinted in our DNA and from which I believe our greatest abilities can emerge. And as you will hear, Romanieo has truly been able to discover his.  You’ve never heard of “Romanieo Golphin”? You will. In fact I’ve coined the phrase RG or Romanieo Golphin = (AE or Albert RG or Romanieo Golphin = (AE or Albert Einestine )2Einestine )2 because with Romanieo’s intelligence combined with his broad range of experiences, the connective strength of the greats who have come before him and the most advanced technology to every exist, that it would be impossible to expect anything if Romanieo’s identification of new directions in physics didn’t outpace Einstein’s by at least a factor of 2.

Romanieo is the product of two accomplished parents, a mother who is a PHD Psychologist and a father,  a multi-lingual musician plus. I use the word plus because the father is not just any multi-lingual musician but rather someone who also can break down concepts and ideas into their smallest form so they become digestible to his son. If you’ve ever heard the expression of “talk to me like I’m a 7 year old because I don’t understand what you are saying”, well his father, Romanieo Golphin Sr. would break it down as if his son was a 1.5 year old because that’s the age he began teaching the elements in the periodic table down to the number of protons, electrons and neutrons. And as his father describes it, he simply explained the concepts just like he would have explained a car motor and its parts, in very simple terms. In doing so, his son was able to take those parts in his head and assemble them into a motor or in this case, physics and an advanced understanding of how the universe works. Did I mention that he is only 10?

So, the next question is, how did all of this happen? To understand that you have to go back again to the generational stone masons who built Notre Dame in 1100 AD think about their inherited tendencies where the lessons of their fathers were visited on the sons. I believe each successive generation of stone mason inherited traits and tendencies from their parent’s experiences and these tendencies were building blocks towards brilliance just needing to be stacked.  And I believe Romanieo’s DNA was hard coded with tendencies towards critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, and quantitative reasoning which were obvious parts of his parent’s gifts as well. These were just a few of the ingredients necessary for Romanieo’ to develop his instinctive advantage. The last thing necessary to complete this brilliance? The true key to the emergence of that brilliance? Experiences.

Romanio’s parents Carla and Romanio Sr., made it so their son would experience physics. And that is how I believe Romanieo Golphin Jr., a 10 year old example of one’s true ability to tap into their instinctive advantageRomanio Jr displays his instinctive advantage.

Now his father is more modest about Romanio’s potential, suggesting that he started out just like any child in that his abilities come primarily though his experiences of being homeschooled since birth. You see to tell you a little more about Romanieo, he is a very normal 10 year old with an amazing smile and captivating charm and that’s when he’s citing Einstein’s formulas. At his birth his parents made the conscious decision to home school him by finding what he liked and exposing him to it right down to the parts of the car.

For example taking him to iFly which is akin to letting him experience skydiving without the danger. iFly is an entertainment company where anyone can go, pay a fee, stand in a large glass cylinder type structure and experience weightlessness as wind raises you into the air allowing you to glide like an eagle. Truly a remarkable experience that most of us would be blown away by, no pun intended. And that was Romanio’s first response as well, responding with “When you go in there all you are thinking about is how great an experience it was”. But very quickly he follows with “when you come out all you’re thinking about is that this was the most science I have ever experienced in my life.” He used those words because by teaching Romanio the parts of the proverbial car, his parents gave him an opportunity to take it for a test drive and that was a conscious experience that I feel, gets embedded in our core. He knew his weight, height and body Mass. He knew the wind force or energy being applied to lift him from the ground and he knew the mathematical formulas required to scientifically apply to this experience. This is why his statement of “this was the most science I have ever experienced in my life” was so impactful. Lessons like that are gained only through experiences.

But that was just one experience of many. Do you remember the solar eclipse back in 2017? It was significant because it was a total solar eclipse visible across the entire US from the east coast to the west. And Romanio had an opportunity to travel to Chile for the 100th anniversary of the confirmation of Albert Einstein’s famed General Theory of Relativity. Ahh, not sure what this means? Well they basically wanted to do the same exact experiment that Sir Eddington, Einstein’s study, did 100 years before, in its most simplistic terms means, to prove how space will curve with gravity, around planets. How did they do this? Father and son drove down to Chile and set up their equipment that was 100 years more advanced then even Sir Eddington’s. This means when you combine those experiences with the scientific discovery’s, and advanced technologies of today, this I believe translates to a multiplier X times that of Einstein’s available knowledge and technologies.

RGolphin= (AEinstein )2

In Malcomb Gladwell’s book Outliers, he wrote of 10,000 hours of deliberate practice as being the theoretical number of hours a person would need to apply to become world-class in any field. These field trips were just part of Romanio’s 10,000. Additional examples of his experimental learning include: having been invited to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research; being named ambassador to the Atlas Experiment (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus); vising the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories which is a top secrete US facility as well as having met over 7 different astronauts across just under 7 different NASA site. 

We all have inherent abilities if we realize, because it’s not possible to change without having an experience. The question is, how do you experience? Is it a conscious process? Do you know what you are good at? What you are naturally inclined to do? We all have tendencies that unconsciously prompt our actions even before we’ve made the decision to perform those actions. Artem Koren, Author of “Untethered, unravelling human nature through instinct, culture and reason”, describes many of these inclinations as “instincts”. He states “evolution has shaped us to act in particular ways, some of them primitive and animalistic. By accepting the animal aspect of our nature, our instincts and drive gain context and begin to make more sense”.

Think Different Nation takes this notion one step further. We are the end result as of this moment in time, of bacteria that emerged 4 billion years ago, leading to the first species with a vertebrae that also possessed eyes with very similar capabilities to ours, the lamprey 360 million years ago, evolving into millions of different species on land including the first humans to exist some 5.8 million years ago, down to our closest relatives, homo-Neanderthals some 400 thousand years ago and ultimately to our present day.  For each successive species, traits/inclinations that assisted in the continuation of those species, adapted to align the specie for survival and continuation. Traits that did not support continuation, either:

changed to be more supportive,

disappeared as did the need

or disappeared as did the species.

And thus, is change.  

Think about it. If we inherent our DNA from our parents and them from their parents, and so on, then why would we not have received their inclinations, tendencies, traits from those who went before them, especially if they had very specific abilities such as Romaino’s father? Even scientist today believe that inclinations and tendencies could be embedded in what is called junk DNA and thhis “junk DNA makes up about 70% of a person’s total DNA so there is huge potential for this area of study.

 At Think Different Nation we want to spur the possibilities of discovery.