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How to strive to be better every day?

Do you think that you must change yourself for the better? Or do you think that you must never change and carry on as a person you have always been. Many of us prefer to be who we are despite being living an unsatisfied life or being grounded in guilt, having unpleasant relationships or having feelings of self-hatred. We often end up saying, “we can’t help it, we can never change, circumstances will not change for us, people associated to us will never change. May be people associated to us will never change but we can change ourselves for better. Only you can make a difference for yourself and change yourself for better.

The key turning points in our lives make a difference for who we become, some of them are really painful and drag us into darkness where we might wander for long time. Sometimes that journey pushes us towards light of living freely and satisfactorily. When we finish healing up ourselves, we carry that experience forward with us that helps us coping with challenging situations throughout our lives.

When you feel lonely and isolated, when you feel you are not doing what you had dreamt of, when you think that you are not contributing as much to the world as you must, that is the turning point and that is the time when you can fix the problems of your miserable little life, that is the time when you must start striving for the better. Remind yourself of your achievements and acknowledge that when you can strive to achieve all this then why you can’t strive to change for the better? That self-talk will surely lead to a shift in you, away from pondering and trying to figure out why things happened the way they did, to taking practical steps.

Try these straightforward strategies to go along your journey of striving to be better:

How to strive to be better every day - Try these straightforward strategies to go along your journey of striving to be better - TDN Blog

  • Identify and value your strengths: Identify what you love to do or what is your flow state because it may help you identify your strength. Moreover, if you pay little attention to what others say ‘what are you good at’? Working according to your strengths will help you along your way to strive to be better.
  • Give yourself a thumbs up: You must be pride in yourself and your work. When you goHow to strive to be better every day - Identify and value your strengths - Think Different Nation - TDN Blog for self-encouragement, it eases your journey towards betterment.
  • Share your accomplishments with those who encourage you: Besides self-encouragement, encouragement from others also matters a lot. Don’t hesitate to share your work with encouragers and yes keep yourself away from the people who are envious and tend to discourage you. When you will show your accomplishments to encouragers, your positive energies towards betterment will keep on boosting.
  • Value your contributions towards the world: When you will strive to be better, not only positive vibes will enter your life but also you will be adding something positive to this world and the people around you. So, think it this way, when you will value your contributions to this world, you will strive more passionately to be better and better everyday
  • Gain knowledge and learn new skills: As you intend to strive for the better, so it’s time to start to be more knowledgeable and more skillful. Because how is it possible to go along the betterment journey with that stubborn attitude and outdated skills.
  • Excel despite the difficulties: Striving to be better is not that straightforward that it seems; of course, there will be difficulties and challenges along your way but as you have now intended to change, you must prepare yourself to confront to challenging circumstances and learn to excel despite difficulties.
  • Pay attention to your needs and wants: Once you start paying attention to your needs and wants, you start working towards betterment more passionately, because your needs and wants are also the great source of motivation for you and push you to work hard every day.
  • Take risks and try new things: You have to come out of your comfort zone in order toHow to strive to be better every day - Take risks and try new things - Think Different Nation - TDN Blog strive to be better. You can’t be better without trying new and creative things and for it you have to take risks or otherwise you will end up losing life changing opportunities.
  • Disregard your past mistakes and failures: People stuck in their past mistakes and failures can’t move on. To be better, you will have to move on and this is impossible without letting go your past mistakes and failures. Though its important to learn and seek important life lessons from them but make them tugging at your sleeves every moment is not a wise choice.
  • Don’t underestimate the role of a mentor in your life: Our mentor is our role model who may help us in exploring our careers, setting life goals, developing useful contacts and identifying useful resources. We may benefit from the life experiences they share, guidance they provide, motivational and emotional support they extend. So, to strive to be better, it’s necessary to have someone as a mentor in our lives.
  • Let the world know what you stand for: No matter whatever the circumstances are,How to strive to be better every day - Let the world know what you stand for - Think Different Nation - TDN Blog you must stick to your goals and stand for them. Let the world know that this is what I stand for and I don’t hesitate to share it with anyone. Because when you do stand for a positive thing, its first step towards your journey of betterment.
  • Be what you want to be: When you will strive for what you want to be, obviously somehow you would be working towards striving to be better, so close the gap between who you are currently and what you want to be.

It is realistic to strive to be better rather than striving to seek perfectionism. When you start striving to be better, you welcome positive things to your life and improve the level of life satisfaction. So, strive consistently to be better and better every day and chase happiness, success and excellence.

Think differently and strive to be better and better every day to live up to your potential.