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There is the only thing that has the ability to heal you; that provides a solution to your every problem, and that makes your life better every day, and that is: self-love. When you start practicing self-love, your life gets better, you feel better and you get everything you want. Whether you want to make money, have your dream job, develop healthy relationships – or literally anything you want you can get by practicing self-love.

We don’t bother to go within ourselves to discover ourselves, our feelings, and our life purpose – we underestimate the power of self-discovery. Self-love is the door to self-discovery. When we start loving ourselves, we acknowledge how wonderful we are. By loving ourselves, we employ our abilities to change the things around us for the better.

Self-love is not about loving yourself for your achievements, or it is not something that startsWhat is self-love - Self-love is about accepting yourself  - TDN Blog after succeeding – will you stop loving yourself if somehow you don’t succeed at something? Would you not love yourself until you achieve your fitness goals, your desired job and so many things you dream of? Don’t set terms and conditions for loving yourself, rather accept the way you are right now. That does not mean you must not strive for the better, you must, but remember you can’t be your best version without loving yourself.

Self-love is about accepting yourself the way you are, acknowledging your amazing qualities, your peculiarities, your efficiencies, your deficiencies, and even your embarrassments – it’s the deep appreciation for who you are. Love yourself unconditionally, because for example if you put condition today that when I will get my dream job, I will start loving myself; then after getting that dream job, something else will bother you, and every time you would be saying, if I will achieve this when I will achieve that, then I will truly appreciate myself, and believe me this will never happen.

The most important person for you in your life must be: you, yourself – acknowledge that you are special, no one is there in this world who can be like you, you must be loved by people around you but loving yourself is also equally important for you. Don’t wait for people’s approval, tell yourself today that you are so sweet in yourself.

It’s not something about selfishness – how can you love others when you don’t have enough love for yourself. You will realize that self-love is the most beautiful thing ever happened to you.

Signs you love yourself:

  • You love yourself when You stay positive: no matter how bad the circumstances areWhat is self-love - Signs you love yourself - Think Differently! - TDN Blog you say and expect positive things
  • You forgive yourself: Of course, you would have committed mistakes in the past, and you do commit mistakes most often but you can’t move on until you forgive yourself. If you truly love yourself, you will forgive yourself.
  • You meet your needs: You know well about what you want, but if you love yourself, you would be focusing on what you need right now
  • You have self-confidence: When you are assertive or self-confident, you will have an influential personality. Self-confidence is the sign of self-love
  • You know your strengths: Self-love leads to self-recognition; when you practice it you come to know about your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to make life’s most important decisions effectively and helps you to go through challenging times.
  • You value your feelings: When you have enough love for yourself, you value your feelings. Listening to your inner self and valuing it even helps you in your future endeavors.
  • You live up to your values: What are your values? Are they family? friends? success? kindness? Are you living in alignment with your values? If you are practicing self-love, it is sure that you would be working for improvement in all of these categories.
  • You pursue your interests and goals: If you are practicing self-love then how is it possible that you will not be stuck with your goals; of course, you would be working on your interests and following your goals
  • You don’t disregard accountability: If you regularly hold yourself accountable for your actions, it  is the sign you love yourself because when you scrutinize your performance and hold yourself responsible for positive as well as negative things, you actually want to improve yourself.
  • You accept your imperfections: No one is perfect, if you have some deficiency and weakness and still you accept yourself means you love yourself because you are accepting yourself even when you know about your imperfections
  • You notice your progress and effort: Self-love does not mean stop the journey of improvement, in fact, self-love lets you continue your journey of continuous improvement. Noticing your progress and acknowledging your efforts is an important sign of self-love
  • You don’t let others take advantage of your failures or your deficiencies: When you let others criticize you over your weaknesses or over your failures then you are simply allowing them to let you down, how can a person having the self-love for himself can do this?
  • You practice good self-care: When you love yourself, you take better care of your basic needs. You would be nourishing yourself daily through healthy activities, like sound nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy, and healthy social interactions.
  • You Spend time around people who support you and ask for their help: When you keep the company with people who support you and keep yourself away from others’ negative energy that means you truly love yourself
  • You don’t mind your failures or grudge: When you truly love yourself, you let go of those things that happened to you in the past. You don’t pay attention to embarrassments, grudges that had happened to you, and animosities that ever existed
  • You Challenge yourself: Self-love does not mean that when you accept the way you are; you don’t work for improvement. No doubt, you accept yourself the way you are but continuously work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths, and like to accept and meet challenges.

What is self-love - do you practice self-love - TDN BlogSo, do you practice self-love? Start practicing it today because it is the key to self-recognition and self-discovery and all of these things lead to a happier life. Think differently and add self-love to your life to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

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