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Intrapersonal Intelligences

Intrapersonal intelligence is the competence of being aware of your thoughts, of yourself & of your emotions and feelings and ultimately employing this awareness to guide path of your life. People having this ability are considered to be very shy and introvert but from self-recognition they not only seek guidance for their own paths of life but also effectively guide others to lead their lives successfully. They are very motivational and optimistic about life. Interpersonal intelligence can be observed in psychologists, religious and spiritual leaders, philosophers & counselors.

Powerful Tools to Practice Self-love - Think Differently - TDN Blog

Powerful Tools to Practice Self-love

    What could be better than having a super power that may heal you, empower you and transform your life? And that super power is self-love – when you start practicing self-love, you start living up to your values, your self-confidence boosts, you become super-resilient and so on…

    What is self-love - Think Differently! - TDN Blog

    What is self-love?

      There is the only thing that has the ability to heal you; that provides a solution to your every problem, and that makes your life better every day, and that is: self-love. When you start practicing self-love, your life gets better, you feel better and you get everything you want. Whether you want to make money, have your dream job, develop healthy relationships – or literally anything you want you… Read More »What is self-love?