Interpersonal Intelligences

Interpersonal intelligence also called social intelligence is the ability to deal with people effectively, understanding their nature and interacting accordingly. Understanding the mood, emotions, and feelings of people & adapting your behavior accordingly is actually proficiency in interpersonal intelligence. Effective & positive communication, both verbal & non-verbal has long-term implications & an organization choosing front desk staff having great interpersonal skills has remarkable customer retention ability. People having interpersonal intelligence are inborn leaders & lead from very young age. Teachers, social workers, anchors, public speakers & even politicians exhibit interpersonal intelligence.

Powerful Tools to Practice Self-love - Think Differently - TDN Blog

Powerful Tools to Practice Self-love

What could be better than having a super power that may heal you, empower you and transform your life? And that super power is self-love – when you start practicing self-love, you start living up to your values, your self-confidence boosts, you become super-resilient and so on…

What is self-love - Think Differently! - TDN Blog

What is self-love?

There is the only thing that has the ability to heal you; that provides a solution to your every problem, and that makes your life better every day, and that is: self-love. When you start practicing self-love, your life gets better, you feel better and you get everything you want. Whether you want to make money, have your dream job, develop healthy relationships – or literally anything you want you… Read More »What is self-love?

What is self-efficacy and why does it matter - TDN Blog

What is self-efficacy and why does it matter?

How do you approach life challenges? Whenever you face a challenging situation whether you think that you will go through it successfully or do you get overwhelmed and feel like a failure? If you think that you will perform pretty well even in difficult times, then you possess a strong belief called self-efficacy.