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Visualizing the invisible - Daniel Kish

Visualizing the invisible – Daniel Kish

How Kish’s Echolocation method is different from those of others

Kish generates his own unique vocal clicks to visualize the world. He names his own techniques as “Flash Sonar”; Kish learnt flash sonar in the same way as normal babies learn how to see, and this is the fact that each echolocation expert uses their own unique sounds and echoes to navigate. Many different researches have been conducted to find the similarities and differences between the echolocation techniques used by different echolocation experts. Researchers are trying to find out whether it is possible to develop universal & consistent echolocation techniques.

Is Fear embedded in our DNA?

Is Fear embedded in our DNA?

Sometimes, fears are as part of our psyche that we feel, there is something embedded in our basics, present at the core of our existence. In dark nights, we all are almost frightened of darkness and feelings of coming across any venomous or harming animal as a snake. Some people are more fearful than others; they are even horrified by the whispering of air in pin drop silence. In the… Read More »Is Fear embedded in our DNA?