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Extrasensory Perception: Sensing with mind

    About three in four Americans believe they possess some form of paranormal ability, most popular of which is ESP (Extrasensory Perception) that accounts for 41% of all paranormal beliefs. Are you part of the 75% of Americans with some level of extra sensory perception? Have you ever been able to seemingly predict that something was going to happen in the future? If not, surely there will be someone else around… Read More »Extrasensory Perception: Sensing with mind

    Multiple Intelligences – Howard Gardner’s point of view

      A young girl sitting in front of a teacher, answering questions related to general knowledge & vocabulary; answering questions applying her arithmetic skills she learned so far; answering questions employing her ability to comprehend similarities & differences between the two elements; & finally undertaking certain tasks like solving a puzzle or re-arranging pictures to make complete sense, is actually attempting a typical intelligence test. Once the test is over, the… Read More »Multiple Intelligences – Howard Gardner’s point of view

      Raising An Innovative Child

        How do you raise an innovative child? Steve Jobs would continually be asked how a person becomes innovate, even offering great sums of money for the education. But the question amused him for one primary reason. Because It’s like asking Michael Jordon how do I “play like Mike”? It’s not possible primarily for two reasons. First, that’s Michael Jordon and Second, because his skills started before his desire to be… Read More »Raising An Innovative Child

        Do you know what you were born to do?

             “In simple words, whatever you were born to do, you were equipped to do it. You are a whole equipment for success“ Israelmore Ayivor Do you know what you were born to do? We all are hard wired with certain abilities or inclinations that are part of our DNA just like the color & texture of our hair or the size & shape of our body parts. These abilities… Read More »Do you know what you were born to do?

          Understanding the importance of making right connections

            That Ah Ha Moment Have you ever thought about the importance of connections? Or more specifically, being able to make connections? It seems like such a simple thing; some of the obvious connections come in the form of what Oprah refers to as an “Ah Ha” moments or rather a moment of sudden insight or discovery. Insights, according to the ‘Merriam Webster’ dictionary is “having the capacity to gain an… Read More »Understanding the importance of making right connections

            Visualizing the invisible - Daniel Kish

            Visualizing the invisible – Daniel Kish

              How Kish’s Echolocation method is different from those of others

              Kish generates his own unique vocal clicks to visualize the world. He names his own techniques as “Flash Sonar”; Kish learnt flash sonar in the same way as normal babies learn how to see, and this is the fact that each echolocation expert uses their own unique sounds and echoes to navigate. Many different researches have been conducted to find the similarities and differences between the echolocation techniques used by different echolocation experts. Researchers are trying to find out whether it is possible to develop universal & consistent echolocation techniques.