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How to advance your Ideation journey?

In today’s fast-paced technology-filled world, every individual must strive to advance his or her ideation journey as it is inevitable to  come up with new ideas, refine your old ideas and transform them to something big. But most people find it really hard to move forward with their ideation journey. Because they don’t have a strategy. Don’t wait for the right time because the right time is now, life challenges may appear at any time and put everything at risk – your ideas and dreams are at risk of being lost in the thick and thin of life, if you won’t advance your ideation journey. Ideation is the key to come up with your next big idea, if you are struggling to ideate consistently and successfully then you must think about the reasons behind this and look forward to possible solutions. Here are some suggestions to ease out your ideation journey: 

Ideate every day: Instead of just keeping the notebooks filled with your ideas, work on them at an appropriate time, because like other affairs of the life, ideas to require time, discipline and commitment to grow. But most of us are oriented towards idea generation and not towards getting things done, i.e. ideas are not enough, successful ideators work on them to transform them to something big. In other words, you must work consistently to move your ideas towards a target. With a target in mind, your idea of a project, book, or whatever concept – small or large will surely achieve its targeted outcome.

Working on your ideas every day will also enable you to make improvements, and you will come up with more refined and updated ideas. 

Understand the ideation methodology: The main reason most individuals don’t advance their ideation journey is they don’t know how it works and how to do it – what comes first, what comes next…. Here is a structured approach following which you may bring your innovative ideas to reality. In this methodology I have used the analogy of air traffic control in the journey of a flight for your ideas

Ideation in control: This is when your ideas are in the developmental stage, and you are working to develop them.

How to advance your Ideation journey - Ideation in control - Think Different Nation - Get help from technolog

New Routes: This is when you discover new ideas, make improvements to old ideas or completely discard old ideas and start working on new ideas

Boarding: Boarding is that stage of the process where the ideas that are aligned with our strongest passions, are selected as serious candidates for the journey towards the desired outcome. 

Taxi Out: Taxi Out is the stage where the idea moves to true and targeted consideration. Up to this Bring your innovative ideas to reality by using the proprietary technology of ICT – Taxi Out – Think Different Nation point, no money would have been spent on the project, even if your outcome will eventually require it to bring it to reality. Innovators should actively seek to determine the strength of the flight, i.e. does it speak who you really are and what you truly want.

Take off: This is when you will start spending money and other resources to bring your idea to fruition  

Cruising Altitude: This will continue as you will keep on working on your idea steadily while investing time and resources.

Approach and Landing: This is centered around the ultimate delivery of the desired final outcome.

Taxi In: The final approach is the last phase of the journey because it can be seen and felt as a significant and tangible point of traction towards completion, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Be motivated always: Most people don’t believe in the beauty of their dreams. They lack inspiration and are demotivated. They need inspiration to realize their creative thinking can do wonders. If they imagine the rewards that their ideas might bring, then nothing can keep them from advancing their Ideation journey.   So, if you want to advance your Ideation journey, just think about the incentives and rewards that your ideas may bring about once you bring them to fruition. 

Get help from technology: There are tools like ICT that help you to collect ideas. IdeationHow to advance your Ideation journey - Think Different Nation - Get help from technolog Control Tower ICT is a downloadable app available on iOS and Android. Collection, organization, and storage directly within a web-enabled task board. 

You organize your experiences into categories (Flights) around appropriate groupings (Cabins) available for later reference – days, weeks, months, even years into the future  – as Reference Points. Memories, thoughts, the foundation of ideas need a catalyst to emerge. The ICT keeps them just keystrokes away, available for continuous reflection and consideration into the next big idea.  

Brainstorm, capture thoughts and experiences: Experiences are the foundation of all ideas, you need to capture experiences consistently with a plenty of pace in order to come up with a breakthrough idea. Explore newer things, even those you really don’t like. The more your experiences are, the stronger neural connections are formed in your brain. Then, those connections enable you to come up with new, unique and original ideas

So, consistent efforts backed up by an ideation process and a sip of inspiration will bring you more near than before towards fruition of your ideas. This is how you can keep going along your Ideation journey without any break.

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