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Linguistic Intelligence

It is intellectual competence that is most popular & most of us somehow possess it, but poets, writers, motivational speakers have exemplary linguistic competencies. Linguistic intelligence may be defined as the ability to use language to influence others, the capacity to remember information (mnemonic), the capability to use language to explain different scientific or other concepts precisely & to use metaphors for detailed explanation of new developments in a particular field, & finally the ability to understand & analyze the language itself (metalinguistic analysis). Individuals having linguistic intelligence are fond of reading, writing, word search games & other such activities.

COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, how to resocialize - Think Different Nation - Blog

COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, how to resocialize?

    To date, 304 million doses have been given to US citizens while 140 million US citizens are fully vaccinated so far. Around the globe, these numbers are total doses given: 2.12 billion, and fully vaccinated people 458 million. Various restrictions have been relaxed as the number of people getting vaccinated is going up each day. It’s time to resocialize but it’s really hard to get back to
    pre-pandemic social life after a full year of isolation.

    Did we evolve linguistic abilities from great apes?

      The planet earth is full of communication. Birds chirping in the morning, vervets producing predator specific alarm calls, honey bee dancing in the beehive and a host talking to a guest in a talk show are all the examples of communication both human and non-human. All creatures on this planet are constantly exchanging information with one another via a broad variety of channels. However, there exists a huge difference among… Read More »Did we evolve linguistic abilities from great apes?