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Do you know why do you procrastinate - TDN Blog

Do you know why do you procrastinate?

    Procrastination is an act of delaying and postponing tasks/assignments at hand despite knowing its ill effects. Apparently, it seems quite satisfactory to procrastinate however, the       results thereof, are relatively atrocious. According to a study 95 percent of people are involved in procrastination to some extent. Procrastination is often confused with laziness but they are different things altogether. Laziness indicates inactiveness, reluctance to do or perform tasks.  Procrastination is an act of putting off or postponing important tasks for less important ones; and preferring pleasurable and easy tasks over hard but important tasks. It’s a blend of multiple psychological issues.

    Why practicing introspection is important for you?

      You know pretty well which appetizers you like and which you don’t, but how do you feel about broader perspectives such as self-esteem; in order to have a whole picture of your inner self, you must look at where you actually lie and your stance about a variety of things. This may be explored through practicing introspection. Introspection, self-observation, or self-contemplation are often used interchangeably to explain the complex process… Read More »Why practicing introspection is important for you?