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Practice mirror work for caring your soul in the time of COVID-19

Almost every one of us realizes the need of some sort of spiritual healing at some point in our life. Certain life challenges break us desperately and unsettle our minds and souls. Recent pandemic caused by COVID-19 not only put our physical health at risk but also raised our concerns about our spiritual health. Our soul is the healer for our body, it possesses the true healing power. If the soul is hurt then who will play the role of healing, so first of all its necessary to heal the healer i.e. to heal the soul. 

Today there are a lot of inner work practices available to us to heal our souls. What if there is a spiritual or inner work practice that has the power to heal your soul without a strain on your pocket? That simplest and really powerful inner work practice is ‘mirror work’. All that you need to get started is just a mirror.

Mirror work is a method introduced by Louise Hay, an American motivational authorPractice mirror work for caring your soul in the time of COVID-19 - Louise Hay - Think Different Nation (authored several spiritual self-help books), soulful teacher and a spiritual healer. Mirror work is really very effective for enhancing self-love and deeming the world as a safe and loving place.

The main idea behind mirror work is to face yourself and connect with your inner child using a mirror. You have to say out loud the positive affirmations in front of a mirror. Affirmations are positive statements that instill positive thinking inside your mind and when you harness the power of positive thinking you overcome negative thoughts. What you become is strictly determined by your thoughts i.e. you are a product of your thoughts. If this is so then why not you replace your negative thoughts with new, positive and powerful thoughts? In other words, you need to reprogram your brain with new and empowering beliefs.

When you start saying the positive affirmations in front of a mirror and manifest into your brain over and over again, a day comes when you actually start believing that affirmation – your positive affirmation becomes your belief. And when your belief will be so empowering, it will drive positive thoughts and thoughts usually become your reality – positive affirmations change your life for the better. “The most powerful affirmations are those you say out loud when you are in front of your mirror.”[1] Why? “Because the mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. It makes you immediately aware of where you are resisting and where you are open and flowing. It clearly shows you what thoughts you will need to change if you want to have a joyous, fulfilling life.”

By practicing mirror work each day, you may build a strong connection with yourself. This may feel uneasy, uncomfortable and embarrassing at the start, but when you carry it on regularly, you would end up building a compassionate relationship with yourself. Mirror work also lets you recognize the voice of your inner critic and once you recognize it, you learn to overlook it and don’t listen to the nastiness whispered by it.

Mirror work to heal your soul

People often call eyes the windows to the soul. During mirror work you gaze into your eyes andPractice mirror work for caring your soul in the time of COVID-19 - Mirror work to heal your soul - Think Different Nation thus access the deeper part of yourself. This does not happen immediately, it takes time. First, you have to overcome the initial feelings like sadness, resentment, embarrassment, awkwardness… Then your deeper inner presence emerges. So, what are the signs that reveal you have been reconnected with your soul – when you don’t feel any embarrassment or awkwardness anymore; when you love to talk to yourself in front of the mirror; and when you feel that a lighter form of energy fills your body. 

So, from where to start?

At first, you may go for a 5 minute self-talk in front of the mirror but you may go for 10-15 minutes or even more than it for better results. Choose a time when no one is around you so that you may carry on this practice in private – it’s useless to perform it in the presence of someone else. Spiritual healers recommend to carry it on after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night so that you may start your day with a positive outlook and fall asleep on a positive thought.

Then you have to work on creating affirmations – you may use affirmations laid down by any spiritual leader or if you want to go for specific affirmations instead of generalized ones, you may create your own. For getting started with affirmations, select an area of your life you want to focus on, create affirmations related to it and repeat them daily. The area you want to focus on may be money, love and relationships, your own personal development, your health or simply happiness. You may create your own affirmation spontaneously on the basis of your exact feeling when you face the mirror. Here are some affirmations by Louise Hay[2] that you may call out loud to uplift your day:

“My income is constantly increasing”

“I am in perfect health”

“Every decision I make is the right one for me”

“I am safe”

“I am beautiful and everybody loves me”

“I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love”

We go for bodily workout to improve our physical health, repeating affirmations daily is likePractice mirror work for caring your soul in the time of COVID-19 - Mirror work is a method introduced by Louise Hay - Think Different Nation mental workout to improve our mental health. Saying affirmations loud in front of a mirror may calm your nerves, enhance your confidence and increase the chances of a successful outcome. It mitigates the effects of stress and treats people having low-self-esteem, depression and other mental health issues.

To send a powerful message to your unconscious, make eye contact and repeat affirmations for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more – practice it daily.

After saying positive affirmations to yourself, recall your experience and note it down. Without recalling and recording your experiences mirror work is useless. All you have to do is to write about your feelings that came up during this practice, it may be in the form of emotions, thoughts, discoveries etc. By noting it down, you will truly be able to track the progress along this spiritual healing journey.

Mirror work is simple yet empowering and effective spiritual healing practice. As you carry it on it improves your mental health that opens up the door for joyous and fulfilling life. Practicing it daily is the most loving gift you can give to yourself.

In this uncertain time of COVID-19 pandemic you can learn to see the world as a loving and safe place by practicing mirror work.  Adopt this lifetime habit of mirror work today to transform your life. 



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