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February 2021

Why a focused mind is important in life - TDN Blog

Why a focused mind is important in life?

    How many times did it happen to you that you planned to carry out an important task and got distracted by a notification from a social media app? It happens every day because in this fast-paced technology-filled world it’s harder than ever to focus because a lot of things are there to distract us. Let’s name some digital distractions that distract most of us every day: Our favorite celebrity is… Read More »Why a focused mind is important in life?

    Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition

      Intuition plays a major role in all of our decisions throughout our lives, and if we learn to practice it effectively, it may come out to be a most powerful life skill. It’s a secret superpower that most successful people rely on – they never ignore their inner hunch that in fact directs them in the right direction.