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Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition

Do you think that the decisions you make are always backed by logical and rational information? Of course not, because it’s pretty much sure that there would be certain circumstances you have never confronted before and you would not have a good understanding and a big picture of the problem at hand. So, what is the guiding hand behind your decisions in those circumstances? “Your unconscious cognition or your inner sensing” is that guiding hand that uses a lot of tidbits of abstract knowledge from your memory to form reasoning to guide your decision from the limited knowledge you have about that specific problem – and that unconscious cognition or inner sensing is actually your intuition.

Intuition plays a major role in all of our decisions throughout our lives, and if we learn to practice it effectively, it may come out to be a most powerful life skill. It’s a secret superpower that most successful people rely on – they never ignore their inner hunch that in fact directs them in the right direction.

Intuition is usually reflected in the decisions of experts – specialists of all professions draw on extensive experience from their unconscious store of knowledge to make fast, high-quality decisions. Whether they are artists, players of stag hunt game, stockbrokers, or billion-dollar investors, all recognize the power of intuition.

So, the question is, do you listen to your intuition frequently or its been so long that you have not paid attention to your inner voice? What if you have been ignoring your inner voice for so long that now you can’t listen or feel it at all? Don’t be worried – you may still strengthen your intuition with these 5 strategies:

Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition - Don’t pay too much attention to your inner critic - TDN Blog1. Don’t pay too much attention to your inner critic

Sometimes the voice of our inner critic is too loud that we are not able to listen to our instinctual voice. When the voice of our inner critic is so powerful it tries to degrade us that we are not capable enough, we cannot accomplish something terrific, we are not eligible for something great, we are not intelligent or smart and so on – And when it happens we get overwhelmed by life challenges and totally ignore our unconscious cognition. It’s not that our inner voice does not alarm us, in fact, it whispers continuously but we are so much involved in listening to our inner critic that we disregard this inner voice completely.

Whenever your inner critic tries to overwhelm you, start paying attention to positive things in your life, like your accomplishments, your exclusive abilities, your great decisions you made so far, and the role you are playing in society no matter major or minor, it matters. And when you do pay attention to positive things in your life, it’s the first milestone towards defeating your inner critic.

2. Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition - Practice spirituality by playing different card decks - TDN BlogPractice spirituality by playing different card decks

Most of the time people play card decks to have fun, but they are the best tool to practice spirituality. For instance, when you pull a card from an Oracle deck after shuffling it, that single card offers inspiration or an insight into a situation. Similarly, when you choose a card from The Archetype Card deck, it helps you to make a connection with sacred parts of yourself.

Many such play cards are available for sale including The Oracle Card, The Archetype card, The Literary Witches Oracle, Sacred Rebels Oracle, just to name a few – all of these decks help you to strengthen your inner wisdom. You just have to analyze what wisdom you draw from the card you pick from the given deck, what divine is trying to let you know, and how to apply that insight to your present situation.

Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition - Don’t underestimate your gut responses - TDN Blog3. Don’t underestimate your gut responses

As now you have intended to strengthen your intuition, also learn to be patient enough because it’s not something that can be empowered in minutes, hours, or days, it takes time – and it depends upon you that how much you practice it every day to make it stronger over time. For best results, don’t even ignore the little responses received from your gut. Keep in mind your body is the center of your intuition – all the tiny involuntary sensations in your body actually try to tell you something intuitively.

Whenever there is a need to make a decision, just notice reactions of your body, is your body sending signals of joy or repulsion to your mind? Do you feel a sense of relaxation or tightness in your chest? Close your eyes, engage with your feelings, and then respond.

Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition - Make a strong connection with nature - TDN Blog4. Make a strong connection with nature

Whenever you start spending time in the natural environment you have an opportunity to observe a lot of things and that observation becomes a part of your conscious as well unconscious cognition. Whether it’s a twilight scene in the forest or it’s a scene of floating waves along the coast of the ocean or a scene from the towering beauty of mountains and so on – it strengthens your unconscious pattern recognition ability that in turn will bring you true wisdom.

Making a strong connection with nature will also boost your observational skills; when you will observe continuously and keep on diving inside the minor details of the objects around you, surely your intuitive powers will multiply further.

Top 5 strategies to strengthen your intuition - Realize the power of dreams - TDN Blog5. Realize the power of dreams

It is often said that your intuition has its roots in your dreams. Experts suggest that you must write down whatever you visualize in your dream. For this purpose, you may keep a dream journal next to your bed, every morning before coming out of your bed you may write down whatever you just visualized that night. No matter whatever you just saw does not make any sense, still, write down whatever you remember. When you will write it down, you will be able to find a connection between the things you view your dreams at different times and you will also find something meaningful from the repetitive patterns that you view multiple times.

Memorizing and recording your dreams will strengthen your unconscious cognition and this is known as intuition.

If you adopt these 5 strategies and practice them regularly, you will notice that you have relatively better intuitions about different things and your collection of powerful intuitions will become wider then, which in turn will lead you towards making better decisions over the course of your life.

Think differently and consistently make efforts to strengthen your intuition – because logical reasoning cannot solely assist you in making the right decisions, it’s the blend of logic and intuition that is the key to making the right decisions.

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