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DC Retreat


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The Creative Juices Retreat

Unleash your potential and discover your purpose at our groundbreaking event in Washington D.C. on September 16th from 10:30 am to 4 pm. Our innovative program harmonizes psychological and spiritual insights, empowering you to overcome modern challenges and seize life’s opportunities.

The exact event location will be sent to your email in advance, ensuring a seamless experience. As you immerse yourself in this transformative journey, we’ll provide nourishing food to fuel your mind and body.

Moreover, in this unique learning process, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the benefits of Cannabis. Join us for a day of growth, enlightenment, and self-discovery, as we help you unlock your full potential in the heart of the nation’s capital. Don’t miss this life-changing event!

Money Back Guarantee

We provide a full Money Back Guarantee for your participation in our events. Please review our terms and conditions here.