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Musical Intelligence

Musical intelligence is the capability to understand & creating musical structures, rhythms & tones. The individuals having high level of musical intelligence are skilled at using musical patterns to memorize things; they are attracted towards sound & easily distinguish between different types of sounds; some love to use musical instruments like piano, guitar etc. and some even love drumming. Every one of us has some level of musical intelligence, those who have high level of musical competence & further hone this skill become professional musicians, composers, band directors & even DJ.

Understanding roots of human musical intelligence - Think Different Nation

Understanding roots of human musical intelligence

    Throughout human history music existed across all human cultures, therefore scientists consider it to be the essential part of our biology not merely a cultural aspect. One way to prove this idea is to study the musical behavior of non-human species. Studying non-human species’ responses to music is a great way to discern which features of human music are biological and which features are cultural product. As there are many… Read More »Understanding roots of human musical intelligence