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Multiple intelligences

What makes us the human - Think Different Nation - TDN Blog

What makes us human?

    What makes humans unique? What are the things that differentiate humans from non-humans? Or what is it that makes us human? These are the questions people have been searching for answers to.

    Break your procrastination loop - Recognize different procrastination personalities - Think Different Nation

    Break your procrastination loop – Recognize different procrastination personalities

      Do you intentionally put off things and delay them until the last moment, and then do it in a rush? If yes, then you are a procrastinator. Procrastinators don’t put things off accidentally or unconsciously rather they do it deliberately, they know that they will be worse off for delaying it, still they engage in activities other than they must do, or they plan to do. When you procrastinate you kill your quality time, you get demotivated, and you get caught in guilt and pressure, and you get disappointed because you are not able to complete what you are supposed to. Chronic procrastination is not only a killer of your precious time, but also a major demotivator that drains your motivation and adversely affects other areas of your life too.

      COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, how to resocialize - Think Different Nation - Blog

      COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, how to resocialize?

        To date, 304 million doses have been given to US citizens while 140 million US citizens are fully vaccinated so far. Around the globe, these numbers are total doses given: 2.12 billion, and fully vaccinated people 458 million. Various restrictions have been relaxed as the number of people getting vaccinated is going up each day. It’s time to resocialize but it’s really hard to get back to
        pre-pandemic social life after a full year of isolation.

        Over-thinking trap - how to get out of it - Think Differently - TDN Blog

        Over-thinking trap – how to get out of it?

          Many people seem very intelligent, competent, and talented; but when they are supposed to make a decision, they get stuck in overanalyzing and indecision. You know why? Because they fall into the trap of overthinking. They consider several possibilities before making a decision that makes them less effective; they find it very hard to take any action – this leads towards inaction. Of course, you must consider all options to… Read More »Over-thinking trap – how to get out of it?