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TDN Podcast Episode 7: Beyond the Law of Attraction

TDN Podcast Episode 7: Beyond the Law of Attraction

In this episode of TDN, we will introduce you to Brian D. Ridgway who is known as “The Spellbreaker”. He counsels people, like entrepreneurs, innovators and change-.makers, to completely eradicate the ‘illusion of problems’ & “Infinite Intelligence” – ever-present guidance and limitless power – This in turns brings more positivity & prosperity to their the health, body, business, wealth, relationships & to the entire circle of their lives.

In this podcast he:
1. Discloses the story of his life journey & how the ups & downs of this journey finally made him who he is today.
2. Mentions his concept of ‘Beyond law of attraction’ & how he leverage it to shape his & his followers pathway of life.
3. Demonstrates how our thoughts drive us, we think we have freewill & we make choices but in fact we are slaves of our thoughts.
4. Unfolds the first & foremost step that he actually follows & executes to help people i.e. to help them recognize what actually consciousness is because most people don’t actually identify it throughout their entire lives & that’s the key to recognize oneself.
5. Finally, he explains what he thinks his natural ability or instinctive advantage is, that he actually identified when he was just 2-3 year old kid.

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