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TDN Podcast Episode 6 – Does IQ score really determine one’s success or failure in life?


Our IQ test score can never judge our intelligence level. The people with below average scores in an intelligence test are not necessarily worse thinkers, in fact they are the people who think differently.

It’s not our IQ test score that determines our pathway in life, rather these are our drives that determine our pathway in life. In this podcast, founder and CEO of Think Different Nation (TDN) has explained his own experience of below average score in an IQ test and how this event impacted his life experiences until he was able to recognize that IQ score has nothing to do with one’s success at any stage of its life rather these are its drives that decide its failure or success at a particular moment in its life.

Once an individual is able to recognize its drives by conscious thinking leading to recognition of its instinctive advantages, he or she will be better equipped to face the challenges of life.

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