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TDN Podcast Episode 2 : How do you tame a human?

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How do you tame a human? How do you feel about the domestication of humans?

This podcast will answer these two basic questions:

we are just as much of an animal as any other living creature than it should not come as much of a leap of faith to know that we, at one time, were just as wild as any other primate. Then question arises in mind how did we transitioned to a civilized species. Anthropologist believe that first homo-sapiens had identical brains as modern humans but they were not capable enough to communicate complex message and their language was also much different from ours. To give you an idea of this sort of transformation, we have included example of domestication of fox experimented and observed by a Russian Geneticist.

Listen to this podcast to:

  1. Explore the domestication of man
  2. Realize the fact that how different individuals possess different soft wired instincts just because of different blood lines and in this way identify your own unique instinctive advantage