TDN Podcast Episode 4 : Do you know what you are naturally inclined to do?

TDN Podcast Episode 4 : Do you know what you are naturally inclined to do?

Have you ever noticed what you are naturally inclined to do?

Our learned experiences, abilities, proclivities transfer down to our next generations i.e. they become hard coded in our DNA and it’s our DNA that determines what our instinctive advantage actually is. Instinctive advantages are tendencies, inclinations and proclivities that are imprinted in our DNA and from which our greatest abilities can emerge.
So, do you have the ability to tap into your instinctive advantage?

This podcast is aimed at explaining the process of recognizing one’s instinctive advantages by quoting the real life example of a 10 year old boy Romanieo Golphin Jr. who tried to prove Einstiens’ theory of relativity.

You can also recognize your inherent abilities to maximize your potential as Romanieo did.

TDN Podcast Episode 3 - To scale one must be able to make connections

TDN Podcast Episode 3 – To scale one must be able to make connections

Time changes everything and as we know that change is inevitable in the history of mankind; keeping this fact in mind, are we consciously working to make connections?

But why there is strong need of making connections?

The answer is: The ability for you to be able to make connections can help you to increase your opportunities exponentially.

By just making connections Helen Keller, a deaf-blind lady, became the inspiration for millions, we can do this too by consciously leveraging our senses to absorb the information around us; & this is what, this podcast is all about.

2 Blog - How do you tame a human 4(1)

TDN Podcast Episode 2 : How do you tame a human?

How do you tame a human? How do you feel about the domestication of humans?

This podcast will answer these two basic questions:

we are just as much of an animal as any other living creature than it should not come as much of a leap of faith to know that we, at one time, were just as wild as any other primate. Then question arises in mind how did we transitioned to a civilized species. Anthropologist believe that first homo-sapiens had identical brains as modern humans but they were not capable enough to communicate complex message and their language was also much different from ours. To give you an idea of this sort of transformation, we have included example of domestication of fox experimented and observed by a Russian Geneticist.

Listen to this podcast to:

Explore the domestication of man
Realize the fact that how different individuals possess different soft wired instincts just because of different blood lines and in this way identify your own unique instinctive advantage

TDN Podcast Episode 1 – Self Classification and Natural Inclination

Brionne Barret is tapping into is instinctive inclinations through his passion for Kickz and creating connections. Brionne’s passion for kicks transformed into a company and brand, JR Kickz. He is a barber, making connections and transferring his skills and inclinations throughout both of his passions. Brionne is taking confidence over the imposter syndrome approach by learning what he needs and providing the space and opportunities for youth within his community to do the same.

Think Different Nation Podcast by Tye Glover

TDN Podcast Episode 0 – Why Use Your Instinctive Advantage?

Take a journey through the timeline of existence with Tye as he delves into the special sauce that makes you unique. Starting 13.7 million years ago, to the present day, you will experience a road trip from New York to Key West that ends with a killer elevator pitch.

A road trip isn’t a road trip without somebody talking about evolution and existentialism, this trip has all of that and more.