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Innovation In Motion

How do you SCALE your level of THINKING?

By capturing more experiences…

And finding more ways to connect the dots.

We help you make more connections

We enable the capturing or more vivid pictures of what caught your attention. It’s from those experiences that Innovators:

  1. Explore More Possibilities
  2. Understand Bigger Pictures
  3. Connect More Dots.
  4. Innovate in Motion

How do we do this:

The Universal Principal of Correspondence states “As Below, So As Above” which translates roughly to:

 “You can Only Create Something from Something”.



Your Experiences are the key:

Every thought you have ever had, came by connecting knowledge gained through past experiences.

Every idea you will ever have,  will come by retrieving and connecting a series of those thoughts from the subconscious, and associating them with a novel and applicable use.  

The Ideation Control Tower enables the capturing of more vivid pictures of those thoughts, and makes them more accessible with greater clarity.  This helps you to connect more pieces. 

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As an innovator, I have always known the benefit of varied experiences because it’s the only way to create more points of potential connections.

I can help you to understand how to collect, structure and organize them into an useable point of reference for discovering new ideas.

Schedule time below, and we’ll explore the possibilities of how you can make those ideas a reality.

Understand My Expertise

My name is Tye and over the last 25 years, I have worked for some of the top consulting firms identifying new ways to look at old problems. 

That’s because I can leverage my experience and expertise in capturing reference points and storing them for later and immediate recall. 

My tendency to:

1. Notice the a-typical or A-symmetrical details within a setting Active Observance.

2. Ask the questions of: “How come”; “Why”; “What if”; and challenge the ideas I develop – Experimental Curiosity.

3. Answer questions by looking back across my experiences – to extract seemingly non-applicable things make them to being perfectly applicable to solving new problems:  Connective Assemblance.


I am looking for a few professionals to train and to offer the use of my patent-pending proprietary software and methodology to “Ideate in Motion“. Come and be a part of this groundbreaking and selective initiative.

100% Confidential Discussions

  Our focus is not on your ideas but in making sure you capture them and on teaching you how to connect more dots.

Your reference points are yours. And only you can capture and understand how to weave the pieces together to birth your creation.

Interested in talking? Download our NDA and feel even more protect.

I Want To Learn How To Think in Scale, But I Have a Questions First.

You’ve Got Questions. I’’ve Got Answers.

My groundbreaking, patent pending technology is designed for the long run… The patient one. In recalling that you can’t connect the pieces looking forward, you have to look backwards, we help you to create a vivid picture of those picture and teach how to connect the pieces. No one else can offer this service.

Understanding the concept of Time, Space and Change is the first step towards thinking in scale. Because we live consciously in compressed views of time, it can be very difficult to understand the insignificance of our moment in the sun today, at this point in time. By opening our lens, we can see the bigger picture and how all things are connected and when you change the way you look at things, way you see things also changes. That’s when the understanding of scale grows in both the conscious and in the subconscious. 

We Think Differently, not because of our any formal schoolwork or university program. We do this because it is in our nature – It is our natural inclination.  The founder of Think Different Nation has an International Master’s in Business Administration where he studied in 3 continents, learning from varied perspectives of how things operate. He has 25 years of professional experience as both a coach and consultant, working to streamline business processes for fortune 100 companies around the world…. And he knows the process of how we connect the pieces of experiences to create innovation. Whether it’s Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or even Elon Musk, all these innovators have unknowingly followed this process in some part, in discovering the next thing… Because it’s the 1, 2, 3-step process of how the innovative mind operates. Our suggestion is to go with what works and to learn how to connect more pieces.

Absolutely not. Our goal it so focuses in on assisting you in your identified space, with the hope of offering more options for growth. If you already have your path laid out, great. The Ideation Control Tower® can help you to expand even those possibilities.

Let me help you bring your Innovations to life. All of them.

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