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Future Innovators

Are you looking to take advantage of your Superpower?

We’re looking a few ideators who love to fixate. It’s what we call ones “Instinctive Advantage”.

Where others see symptoms as a disorder, we believe they can be your Superpower.

The Philosophy

Learn How

The Principal of Polarity states that "Everything is dual; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree."

We see no one point where order ends and disorder begins, but rather just a fine difference between the extremes.

Tendencies toward:

♦ Obsessive interest,

♦ Following routines,

♦ Sensitivity to external stimuli and

♦ Fixation on ideas and subjects

These can be all examples of the ingredients of your Superpower.

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If you’re anything like me than you’ve found a kindred spirit. 

I can help you tap into those tendencies and leverage them to create GREAT THINGS. Schedule time below, and we’ll explore the possibilities of how you can make those ideas a reality.

100% Confidential Discussions

We face incredible challenges as a species, and your ideas can be the action through the obstacle. I’ll teach you how to Think Differently…

And with patience, you’ll begin to see things in scale and with vivid detail. 

Understand My Expertise

Who am I?

I’m the guy who didn’t fit in, struggled with personal relationships, made it through school through the sheer force of will, and still never found a way to fit in.

The one significant thing was my tendency to fixate on an observation. And wonder why, how come, what if, and wouldn’t it be cool?

That’s when I developed an understanding of my Superpower.

My tendency to:

  1. Notice the A-typical or A-symmetrical details within a setting Active Observance.
  2. Ask the questions of “How come’, “Why,” and “What if” and challenge the ideas that I developed – Experimental Curiosity.
  3. Answer questions by looking back across my vast recall of experience details – to extract out seemingly non-applicable things that become perfectly applicable to solving new problems – Connective Assemblance.

I have over 30 years of experience in both consulting and scaling solutions, and I am looking for a few young people who believe they are innovators. 

I Want To Be An Innovative Force and Make My Mark But I have A Few Questions.

You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers.

My groundbreaking=patent pending technology is designed for the long run… The patient one. In recalling that you can’t connect the pieces looking forward, you have to look backwards, we help you to create a vivid picture of those picture and teach how to connect the pieces. No one else can offer this service.

Patience, a tendency to fixate on the a-symmetrical and an inclination towards asking questions and never being satisfied until you’ve figured out your own answer, whether correct or incorrect.

The goal of the Future Innovator’s track is not to bring ideas, but rather to create them from your experiences going forward. If you already have ideas – they remain yours, 1,000%. And we’ll also show you how to scale them

Absolutely not. Our goal it so focuses in on young people even before they’ve identified their space, with the hope of offering more options. If you already have your path laid out, great. The Ideation Control Tower® can help you to expand even those possibilities.

Let me help you bring your Innovations to life. All of them.

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