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Have you ever experienced FLOW? It’s when you are completely absorbed in what you are doing and producing your best work to the point where time seems to stand still. Many call it being in the zone. When you know your Instinctive Advantage, being in the ZONE is an experience you can discover at will. My name is Tye Glover, Macro Evolutionary Theorist & Innovator and I Think Differently.

Tye Glover - CEO of Invest Out
Tye Glover

about us.

Think Different Nation is for both striving and successful creative thinkers who are interested in finding a new way to minimize their most difficult life challenges while maximizing their greatest opportunities.

If you are an innovator in your own space, who regularly uses all aspects of your being: psychological; physical; intellectual; spiritual experiences to produce outstanding results, then this is the podcast for you. Think Different Nation is a podcast by Innovator Tye Glover, who believes that while we are all passengers on the evolutionary journey of man, as individuals we continuously adapt and develop traits, characteristics or inclinations, that become imprinted in our core and from which ease of our greatest abilities can emerge. These are our competitive advantages and when we can understand them, that understanding can create leap frog moments in our lives. 

We’ve all been honed over the course of the existence of life by time, space and change. Change did not end at our birth. In fact that’s where our competitive advantage began…
Do you know yours?

1.5 million people take the Myers Briggs Assessment every year to understand themselves better but most walk away without a clear idea of what separates them from any other test participant.

That’s because Myers Brigs separates people into 4 basic groupings and has you figure out the rest on your own.

TDN - Multiple Intelligences -

Study after study shows people who are more self-aware are more effective. Your Instinctive Tendencies take self analysis down to the “YOU” level of detail by:

  • Helping you to identify your personal tendencies that drive upwards of 90% of the decisions you make.
  • Assisting you in identify your true mix of intelligences by aligning your instinctive tendencies to one of 9 intelligence types identified by Harvard PhD. Howard Gardner in his ground breaking book Multiple Intelligences.
  • Understand the key instincts that drive your greatest abilities and learn how to train them to make them even more effective.
  • Minimize your risk: Better understand the subtle tendencies that create derailing moments from which you may always be trying to unsuccessfully avoid.
  • Maximize your opportunities: Gain insights into the key instinctive tendencies that make up what is called your Instinctive Advantage – Those subtle inclinations that lead many of your most impactful decisions the awareness of which can create leap frog events in your life.

We are all driven by well over 500+ instincts inherited from both our families and our bloodlines as a species.



Understand your strongest tendencies and their senses that are the most impactful triggers. We all experience the world through 5 plus senses from which decisions are prompted and actions are taken. With TDN it is possible to identify your strongest inclinations and train your greatest tendencies to more effectively move your goals forward.

The power of compounding – take ideation to the next level

The power of compounding – take ideation to the next level

Have you ever imagined the power of taking tiny but consistent incremental steps every day? Or have you heard or read about ‘the 8th wonder of the word' by Einstein?

How does creativity originate?

How does creativity originate?

Do you know creativity is a skill that can be nurtured, or like many people out there you still believe that it is a mysterious process only possessed by very special people? Many people are curious about the origins of that creative spark that is the base of a creative…

How to advance your Ideation journey?

How to advance your Ideation journey?

In today’s fast-paced technology-filled world, every individual must strive to advance his or her ideation journey as it is inevitable to  come up with new ideas, refine your old ideas and transform them to something big.

Creativity is a cognitive process not an event

Creativity is a cognitive process not an event

What comes to your mind when you think about ‘creativity’? Eureka moments? Remember, creativity is not all about eureka moments or flashes of insights - creativity or creative thinking is a process, a cognitive process, not an event. It's a process that helps us produce new ideas or transforms old…

Slow and steady does not win the race

Slow and steady does not win the race

There is a famous phrase “Slow and steady wins the race” always presented as a way to succeed. But in the present high-tech era of globalization where millions of creative minds produce millions of innovative ideas every day, is it still applicable?

Capture experiences in order to be more creative

Capture experiences in order to be more creative

If you feel stuck, frustrated, bored or demotivated then you must open yourself up to e possibilities. It's very difficult to make progress along the journey of life without discovering new possibilities. New possibilities are the product of the creative thinking process. Creative thinking is the process of coming up…

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Episode 7
TDN Podcast

TDN Podcast Episode 7: Beyond the Law of Attraction

In this episode of TDN, we will introduce you to Brian D. Ridgway who is known as “The Spellbreaker”. He counsels people, like entrepreneurs, innovators and change-.makers, to completely eradicate the ‘illusion of problems’ & “Infinite Intelligence” – ever-present guidance and limitless power – This in turns brings more positivity & prosperity to their the health, body, business, wealth, relationships & to the entire circle of their lives.

In this podcast he:
1. Discloses the story of his life journey & how the ups & downs of this journey finally made him who he is today.
2. Mentions his concept of ‘Beyond law of attraction’ & how he leverage it to shape his & his followers pathway of life.
3. Demonstrates how our thoughts drive us, we think we have freewill & we make choices but in fact we are slaves of our thoughts.
4. Unfolds the first & foremost step that he actually follows & executes to help people i.e. to help them recognize what actually consciousness is because most people don’t actually identify it throughout their entire lives & that’s the key to recognize oneself.
5. Finally, he explains what he thinks his natural ability or instinctive advantage is, that he actually identified when he was just 2-3 year old kid.

Follow Brian D. Ridgway:

Facebook : Brian D. Ridgway

Instagram : Brian D. Ridgway

Twitter : @Brian_D_Ridgway

If you are an innovator in your own space, who regularly uses all aspects of your being: psychological; physical; intellectual; spiritual experiences to produce outstanding results, then this is the podcast for you.


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